Home Brands APPLE Prior to WWDC, Apple Boosts up Production of its new 10.5-Inch iPad Pro
Prior to WWDC, Apple Boosts up Production of its new 10.5-Inch iPad Pro

Prior to WWDC, Apple Boosts up Production of its new 10.5-Inch iPad Pro


According to the latest reports of the supply chain, Apple’s upcoming new 10.5-inch iPad Pro form factor’s production is being increased before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of the company that is going to be held in the month of June 2017.

DigiTimes’ latest story informs that Apple has sky rocketed the production of the product and the monthly shipment will shoot up from five hundred thousand units to six hundred thousand units by the end of July. Sudden increase in the productions signify that the launching of the product will happen soon whereas the launch of the upgraded 12.5 inch iPad Pro will be slightly delayed, probably around November as expected by the supply chain.

The reports mentions that “The 10.5-inch iPad Pro began mass production in March-April.” and also “The device’s monthly shipment volume is expected to grow up to six hundred thousand units in July, which is more than the current production of five hundred thousand units”.  This will directly help the annual shipments to reach five million units in 2017, according to some market watchers.

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In the recent fiscal year of 2016, Apple shipped 45.59 million iPads which is 17% less than the previous year’s production of 55 million. While these figures represent data for a fiscal year, it is expected that Apple will ship 5-6 million new iPad Pros from June to December 2017 as informed by DigiTimes.

Apple is aiming to make a new start for its displays hence it is rumored that the latest tablet will be having an edge to edge display similar to DCI-P3 gamut in iPad Pro 9.7 inches.





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