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Pixels  Are the Coolest Thing Possible

Pixels Are the Coolest Thing Possible


Google and their Parent company Alphabet never run out of innovative ideas, they have introduced wireless ear- that are capable of translating conversations in real-time. Similar to their popular application, Google translate. They have now literally taken the application directly to your ears using earphones with speakers installed.

Pixel Bub is a wireless Bluetooth device with two earphone pieces and a single wire connecting each piece. You will require a Pixel Smartphone for the pieces to function. Pixel bud gives you access to Google translate in order to decode foreign languages by wearing each piece in your ear. Similar to earphones paired with devices for calls and music.

Anyone can now listen to conversations in 40 foreign languages without needing a physical translator to explain anything using Pixel. They can also be connected to any device that is capable of paring to Bluetooth wireless ear-. The right ear-bud is equipped with a small button for accessing Google assist to read notifications and messages on mobile devices.


People in a group or pairs can wear Pixel and have a conversation in their native languages and still understand each other perfectly. Such devices have been used in parliaments and visits from foreign Presidents and diplomats in government all over the world. Now Google has bought the cool wireless device to your pocket.

Being able to fit into a pocket with Smartphones makes things even interesting and a must-have device. The device translates foreign or native languages to each user wearing the earpieces in real time. There won’t be any lag time for the translator and the user to understand the phrases from the speaker (encoder).

Google will use their own data on their Google translate app to comprehend about 40 languages spoken in the world. The battery powering the lasts for about 5 hours per single charge, but Google was wise to design a charging case that holds power for more than 24 hours.  You will be able to quickly charge them.

Pixel Bugs May change the world 

Google has already achieved their goals to connect the world with their search engines and other products and services they offer.  It is highly unlikely there is a country that does not know what Google. It may be Gmail, Earth, YouTube, Translate or Google+. They have played a big role in connecting the world.

Pixel bugs unlike other Google primary products, they can change the world just for how cool the technology is. Imagine people from different countries enjoying conversations in their native language and understand each other easily. They can be also used in sports as there are a lot of language barriers in that field.

Pixel Bugs will change how people will communicate in global countries as the device can translate 40 languages in real-time. The earphones sound like something from a science fiction movie, but the reality is that Google is going to change the world with Pixel Bugs. Give it time, you will start to see the bugs in interviews, press releases, presentations, boardrooms, and schools.

Crosstalk and Background Noise

You can still use your Pixel Bugs as regular earphones to listen to music or watch movies, receive directions and place a phone call. The Pixel bugs speakers’ outputs words in the user’s ears as they are spoken. If an English native speaker and engages in conversation with someone from Russia, their spoken words would be translated into English for you and yours will be transliterated to Russian for them.


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