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Parenting like A Millennial

Parenting like A Millennial


Taking advantage of technology as a parent was only a matter of time. Here are some of the apps that millennial parents use to track their kids and learn about the world around. From parents’ perspective.

Winnie – parenting can be responsible and fun

Imagine Yelp, but for parents. Winnie is an app mom and dad’s use to get recommendations. They can ask questions and choose the best place to go with their kids. Winnie is an app that covers everything from shopping, child-care, family-friendly restaurants and much more. Get information on sleep training, activities best for your child based on age and locale. There are tips, guides, topics on traveling, relationships and anything a parent needs, whether home alone or outdoors. Basically, it is a network for better parenting.

Life360 – location sharing made simple

Ever hesitated to bug your child with questions such as “Where are you?”

Life360 is like Maps, but for tracking your children. The app uses GPS to report the live location to parent’s phone. It lets them save locations and get alerts on arrivals or leaves. It provides family chat, private chat and integrates with Google account. You can also choose to easily share your locations with Circles of your choice, with traffic info etc.

Cozy – the family calendar

In short, it’s a unifying calendar experience for the entire family. Cozy displays family members’ calendars in their respective colors. It includes: schedules, to-do lists, appointments, recipes and shopping lists. Send reminders to one another and stay in touch. Synchronizing family activities has never been easier.

Peanut – “Meet as Mamas, Connect as Women”

Peanut is a match-making app, similar to Tinder, but for moms only. Moms can log in using their Facebook account and start connecting. Swipe right for a coffee with another mom. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself. Use it to extend your motherly circle and meet new friends with interests alike.

OurPact – lessen screen time

Unlike most of the tech-savvy parenting apps, OurPact reduces overall time spent on mobile devices. OurPact allows the parent to control which apps are used and when on their children’s phones. You can block data traffic, social media and any app of your choice. Parents can schedule free screen time and choose when to make their kids’ phones uninteresting. By doing chores, children can get rewards in form of apps and time allocated to one. Moreover, like any other parenting app, location tracking is available as well.

The Wonder Weeks – wonder upon your baby

Until know, raising a child had been full of imminent hardships and how-to searches.

“The Wonder Weeks, and more than 35 years of international scientific research, this app will keep you informed about the (mental) leaps and bounds of your baby — any time of day or night.” Know in advance what to expect from your child and know how to deal with anything. When stepping into the unknown, have the reassurance needed to cope with the process. Never again get caught by surprise.

PBS Kids Video – priceless fun and education for your child

Wherever you are, engage your child in fun video content with an internet connection. Users can watch or stream favorite PBS Kids content, cartoons, and educational videos. These include Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat and more. Let your child enjoy learning about math, science and anything in between and beyond.

“The app provides a safe, child-friendly viewing experience for all ages.”

WebMD Baby App – keep up with parenting chores

WebMD is a great and reliable health reference service. People turn to it to self-diagnose and assure themselves in their health. WebMD encourages users to visit doctors. Just like that, WebMD Baby provides certified health and lifestyle content. It can help parents keep their and their baby’s life happy and worry-free. Keep track of nursing, feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, growth and more than you’ll need.

UrbanSitter – responsible babysitting

UrbanSitter is similar to Uber. Except, only the best babysitters make it into the service. UrbanSitter does the background checks. Babysitters are sorted by location. Parents can scroll through babysitters’ and nannies’ profiles to get info on them, compare rates, read and leave reviews.

Unlike most of the apps, this one is not free, nor ad-supported. UrbanSitter will cost you $19.95 monthly or $99.95 annually.





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