The smartphone industry got talking last week when a seemingly legitimate box leak surfaced on the internet of Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 smartphones, namely the S9 and S9 Plus. The leak sparked some great conversation amongst fans and critics alike about some glaringly obvious details as seen on what is assumed to be the new […]
The race for better AI development has intensified as LG has gotten into the game. The company announced that they’ll make ThinQ AI as the main focus for the year 2018. The company plans to make the AI the main focus for all their products that are to come out throughout the year. This was […]
In 2017 the Smartphone market rose to dazzling heights, with a staggering increase of 6.5% in production growth. This growth amounted to 1.46 billion devices up from 2016. 2017’s smartphone production growth was attributed to a few factors namely: the activity of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers as well as certain leaps in iPhone technological innovations. […]
We first heard news about the HTC U11 by some guy who likes leaking news on Twitter. Shortly after that, the company confirmed this in an ad announcing the arrival of the U11. The first and most noticeable thing you’ll love about this new HTC is its sleek very modern looking design. With squeezable side […]
Smartphones are without a doubt like our friends. In fact, a lot of people spend a lot of time with their smartphone than with any other human. But even though we seem to spend a lot of time with these little guys, they don’t always match up to our expectations. Which is why we’ll list […]
In 2017 global smartphone production grew by a staggering 6.5%. According to TrendForce, these numbers are expected to drop in the coming year. This is apparently because the cost of production will increase, thus impacting the bottom line of many smartphone companies. With this in mind and considering the fact that the smartphone race is […]
Ideally, bold choices should be rewarded. That’s in a perfect world, though. Being experimental is enough reason to justify the existence of a new product. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly how the scenario panned out for ZTE and their new dual-screen smartphone, the Axon M. With smartphone’s losing their keyboard, the screen has become their biggest […]
Talking about Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it is a place where the global business leaders and innovators meet to prove their innovations and moreover introduce into the market their next generation of the innovations. This started 50 years ago and in 2018, D – Link company had its share. During the Las Vegas’ CES 2018 […]
First, it was Siri the voice assistant for the iPhone, she captivated us all. But since then more players have joined the game. There has been Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Bixby to name a few. All of them have their strong and weak points.   Google Assistant Vs Amazon Alexa With that said, […]
EA Sports UFC This game is perfect for UFC fans! With tens or hundreds of fighters to choose from you could just pick one and fight randomly. Or you could try out the story mode Rules of survival Basically, in this game, you’re dropped on an island with 120 other people. Your main goal is […]