Home Apps PacketZoom Lands $5M Series- An Investment To Speed Up Mobile Apps
PacketZoom Lands $5M Series- An Investment To Speed Up Mobile Apps

PacketZoom Lands $5M Series- An Investment To Speed Up Mobile Apps


A startup, PacketZoom has announced a $5m Series an investment plan. The company helps add developers in speeding up and optimizing app delivery on mobile devices all over the world. Tandem Capital, First Round Capital, and Arafura Ventures all participated in the round that was led by Baseline Ventures. According to CrunchBase, a total of over $9m was realized from the investment.

With the combination of a content delivery network (CDN) with an application performance management tool, it speeds up performance and also identifies performance issues in a single package. It is seeking ways to speed up the rate of mobile app performance on a device instead of making the content faster. Research has it that with this new development, apps will run faster before. Users would no longer have to wait for slow buggy or irresponsive apps on their devices. Apps with performance will become history as experts have said.

PacketZoom has good insight into the various activities inside the cellular network and on the device also. As explained by the CEO, Shlomi Gian, the company offers an SDK to interested developers for free. This SDK gives developers good analytics of network related performance issue alerts and good analytics about the app. For PacketZoom to understand the vagaries of the network connection and devices and also the possible problems that may arise from the interaction of the network with the app, it depends largely on information from the SDK.

PacketZoom also has another product which isn’t free; it generates revenue for the company. This product is called Mobile Expresslane. Mobile Expresslane reduces network errors and also optimizes app delivery. It equally downloads contents twice faster than others. The pricing for this product for developers is in the pay-per-volume package. So, interested developers pay according to the volumes required.

Gian said one way to achieve faster download and improved app delivery is by the elimination of all the errors related to network timeout on the device. He goes on to explain further that once there is network congestion, the TCP network protocol is supposed to slow down traffic. The TCP network protocol when created was a perfectly logical approach but not so much now in a mobile context. You will always lose packets on wireless networks; the server will be notified of this loss and it will receive that packet in the next round of sequence as explained by Gian.

Gian goes further to explain that this process will help to eliminate all the network related timeouts which always occurs on devices when the user moves between mobile networks or switches from Wi-Fi to a cellular network.

PacketZoom originally started in 2013. The company spent several years to build this product which was released in 2016. In 2015, they for their seed round before they secured the Series A. the Series A is the flagship product. The company already has 68 paying customers which include Glu Mobile, Sephora, and East Side Games since the launch of its first product 18 months ago.

One of the main competitors of PacketZoom, Neumob, was bought over by Cloudflare. This event was preceded by the funding round of PacketZoom.


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