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Ottawa Teen’s Low-Cost Smartphone To Take on Apple, Samsung

Ottawa Teen’s Low-Cost Smartphone To Take on Apple, Samsung


We’ve become so enamored with high-class brands. In the midst of that obsession, we’ve come to forget how all of them started. Not as giant corporations or big organizations, but as small startups. The next time we see such a young and bustling company, we must see it for what it really is – a hope.

This is especially true in the tech industry. Hope is something that all search for, but tend to think it’s hard to find. Moe Omer, a 17-yeard old Ottawa genius, begs to differ. At such a young age, he has already decided to break some significant barriers. We’ve decided to focus on his creation a little bit – his invention, “frank.”. What is frank. anyway?

It’s hard to tell. Basically, it’s a smartphone, but it’s also a small revolution. Omer has decided to battle the big brands and install financial parity into the smartphone market. What does his $180 smartphone really mean? Let’s dig a little deeper into the significance of this move.

How did it all happen?

When talking about such a new phone company launching, you probably go with the same routine. Disregarding them because of anonymity, you quickly strive to find a better-known manufacturer. Surely, there are risks involved but think for a second. How did Apple start off? How did Samsung start off? That’s right – as small independent startups.

Frank is no different from its bigger and better-known counterparts. Except it is! Omer decided to tackle the financial injustice on the market. His Indiegogo page says just that. He was fed up with big companies charging $1000 for a phone that barely costs $150 to make.

His solution to the problem was the creation of his own 17-year old mind. He crafted his own smartphone, with little to no financial backup. The $180 frank. A phone is meant for those who intend to focus on the practical feature, not the flamboyant ones. A small revolution may also be within earshot.

The gadget itself

Seeing that the phone will be running Android 7.0, it puts forth some thoughts. Rarely does a new, experimental phone use the latest OS. This goes to show, right after turning on the phone, that the frank team means business. All those speculations turned out true when we took a look at the hardware.

4GB means more than just numbers in this case. Omer himself stated that the phone won’t feature any excess apps. We’ve tested the prototype for any signs of sluggishness and it just wouldn’t budge. It also boasts 64GB of internal storage. For a phone in this price range, it’s quite a lot. The processing will be handled by an unknown company. It will be at precisely 1.5GHz, in each of its eight cores.

Something that might come off as shocking to most people is the overly bright screen. The resolution is spectacular, at 1920×1080, on a 5’5’’ IPS Panel. To offset this, the rest of the device is elegant and clean. The aluminum body goes well with the glass across the top rear side. Nothing about this phone seems like it costs only $180.

Omer and his team decided to bring forth some innovations too. What we liked about this phone the most is the new Turbo Download option. It’s something yet unseen in the smartphone world. By turning on both Wi-Fi and data at the same time, you can download faster. Although this only works for files above 20MB, it’s very much legit. The Turbo Download options also allow you to save power and reduce data usage.

Is it worth the risk?

Our answer – absolutely. If you’re willing to get yourself a practical and stable device for less money – don’t hesitate one bit. Just don’t expect anything spectacular or groundbreaking.  A phone is a well-oiled machine. It’s technically a mid-tier phone, at a low-tier price. For those seeking simplicity and practicality, the frank phone is an ideal option.

This young entrepreneur is at the brink of a revolution. Upon release, if the phone makes the right splash, we might see a move in the market. Such a practical phone will drive attention from prestige and luxury features. Of course, this is all just a possibility. Good luck though, Moe!


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