Home Tech Nothing Fishy Anymore as CRTC Joins Forces with Australia to Combat Spam and Phishing
Nothing Fishy Anymore as CRTC Joins Forces with Australia to Combat Spam and Phishing

Nothing Fishy Anymore as CRTC Joins Forces with Australia to Combat Spam and Phishing


Bid adieu to all the fraud activities as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is now working with the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to fight spam and to make telecommunication network stronger.

CRTC declared a partnership with the ACMA in a press release issued on 18th of May 2017 in order to “combat commercial electronic messages (spam) and telemarketing”. Following this agreement both the agencies will have access to make research and track unsolicited as well as unauthorized telemarketing moves.

As mentioned by the director of media relations at the CRTC, “Eric Rancourt” – CRTC has joined hands not only with the ACMA but also have similar contracts with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Not only Australia, Canada too has come together and signed an agreement in June 2016 with 11 other nations to battle “unsolicited telecommunications and unlawful spam”.

Eric also added that “This [the 11-nation agreement] was a high level, multilateral agreement that promotes cooperation between the signatories and includes commitment to sharing information and intelligence”.

“Then we signed a number of separate agreements with individual agencies to foster a more coordinated enforcement approach.”

Both Canada and Australia have agreed on sharing information across departments to utilize the opportunities for staff exchanges in order to secure both the nations and fight against fraudulent cases linked with telecommunication network.

Having joined forces with so many nations, CRTC doesn’t aim on signing anymore agreements with other nations.

Rancourt also mentioned that there is nothing much to discuss on the topic though they are open to collaborations.


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