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Nokia smartphones 6 and 7 to officially start running Android 8 (Oreo)

Nokia smartphones 6 and 7 to officially start running Android 8 (Oreo)


HMD Global has officially started updating their Nokia 7s and Nokia 6s (the 2018 edition also known as the second generation) to run a stable version of Android 8.

Android 8 first appeared on the company’s Nokia 5 budget smartphone range but it was nothing more than a beta version. As for now though when getting your hands on one of the Nokia 6s or 7s you’ll have to settle for Android 7 (Nougat).

With that aside, this is what the Android Oreo update will to the table for the Nokia. The first thing you’ll notice when you’ve got your Nokia upgraded to the Oreo software is how quickly your device now starts up! The second thing you’ll notice when your phone is on is the Oreo’s bright color scheme which I personally like!

Another great thing about the Oreo is that you can log into WIFI networks without opening your WIFI connectivity manually. With this new update, your Nokia will automatically login to any WIFI networks you’ve approved of. No more having to open up your settings first and then finally when your fingers are tired like crazy login into your home’s WIFI!

The Oreo has some great news for you if your Nokia 6 or 7 seems to be hogging your battery. Since mostly your device’s battery is drained by apps using power in the background. Android Oreo makes sure that it closes them down. Additionally, with the Oreo, you get to see what every app is doing that’s to the detriment of your phone’s battery.

When it comes to multi-tasking this new Android update is king (or queen)! There’s this new feature on it called PiP or picture in picture mode. With this, you can use two apps at once and for example, you could be texting and watching your favourite music video at the same time. Or you could try video calling two different people at the same time…

Other great features that you will find on the Android Oreo are Night Light. Now you get to adjust that pesky blue light which is so irritating to our eyes at night! The settings menu has also had some major changes done it so you will have to take your time getting used to it, but once you do you’ll love it.

Android has also added notifications dots that appear on apps when there’s something you need to check out on them. Some folks might be familiar with this feature on iOS devices where that dot is red. The Oreo makes that dot take a color that is similar to the app icons native color though.

Speaking of app icons the Oreo can also change your Nokia’s app icon to different shapes without the help of a third party app. The new OS can change your app icons to be round shaped, square-like or a mixture of both but only if you allow it to do so…

The Android team with new designs foremost in mind while the making Oreo. They also saw it fit to improve the looks of their emojis. You can tell easily what each emoji is for with their new 3D cartoon-like design. No more will you see those weird looking blob emojis which were typical of Android for far too long!

Among other apps that are compatible with this OS, you could beef up your security with the Google Play Protect app. This app automatically detects any funny business that could be going on in your device and reports it. You can also enable its location pinpointing feature to find your smartphone when you’ve lost it.

The new update will start being available in China but you can still check if it’s available on your phone if you don’t live there. All you need to do is go to your phone’s settings and press Software Updates if you find it there just download and enjoy!


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