Home Apps Newer version of Skype for desktop started rolling out
Newer version of Skype for desktop started rolling out

Newer version of Skype for desktop started rolling out


Skype has finally started rolling out the newer version of its desktop app, featuring customizable themes, updated chat lists and much more. The new look for the desktop app will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux users.

The updated version of the desktop app will have a similar feature of the latest redesigned mobile service app, allowing users to utilize the same features and settings that they enjoy on their smartphones.

With the new version, Skype users can organize their chat contacts either by time or by unread or read status. They can also collapse or compact the chat list to see more of the home screen. In addition to this, users can also pick a theme and color with the help of new customizable theme feature.

Another amazing feature is that Skype is now cloud-based making files, photos and video sharing a lot easier. You can also send over 300 MB of data by just dragging and dropping files over the desktop app.

Additionally, the reactions feature within the app let users react to messages and video calls, while the bots such Scoop, Hipmunk, Expedia helping to make plans, check flight timings and staying informed with the updates from old friends.

Some other features include – chat media gallery, notification panel, add-ins, cross-device functionality and status updates.


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