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New Samsung ad attacks Apple for 10 years of inferior iPhones

New Samsung ad attacks Apple for 10 years of inferior iPhones


It was seen coming that Samsung would confront Apple on their iPhone. The Apple-Samsung rivalry has been an on-going one for many years. It has defined a global mobile device industry that has seen many other firms struggle. The two companies boast of having one in every two of smartphones that are been sold across the globe.

Samsung sees Apple as a big threat to their business. It’s not, therefore, to see Samsung take any opportunity to poke fun at Apple. To understand this rivalry, it is better to take a glimpse at the history of the iPhone. The phone had gone through trying times throughout the years. It has had problems with its storage system, lack of a stylus and a big screen. Another drawback was that for some time it wasn’t a water resistant. Lastly, the phone was still using the cables when other smartphones for Samsung were having wireless charging.

The latest iPhone is something different which has never been seen before. When it was presented to the market and lived to the promise made by the Apple’s boss, Tim Cook. He remarked that it will, “set the path of technology for the next decade.” The iPhone X has amazing features that include an edge-to-edge OLED screen, wireless charging, facial recognition technology and has a dual-lens camera. This is different to the first iPhone that was introduced a decade ago.

Coincidentally, on the same day, that iPhone X was launched, Samsung made an announcement that they were going to bring a new design to their smartphone. They wanted to feature a screen that could be folded and would close like a small book. Subsequent to that, their Galaxy Note 8 would be on the market. It had the same features that iPhone X has.

The scene was set that would see their competition go another level. Samsung decided to ridicule Apple with videos that depicted how the iPhone had inferior design and features. There had been previous attacks by Samsung on the Note 7. However, the Korean company went a bit far with their direct attacks when the iPhone X was launched. They released a video that left people puzzled as it demeaned the new iPhone.

The argument stressed that the Android enthusiasts claiming that Apple was in the habit of adopting features way after Samsung. This was after seeing that the new iPhone had incorporated the features which the Samsung androids had already had before. These included the waterproofing, camera quality, wireless charging and the larger screen. The previous iPhone series didn’t enjoy such features when Samsung smartphones already had. The iPhone X had taken 10 years to get such features. That’s the reason Samsung in their argument points out that it had taken the iPhone 10 years.

The dramatic attack has sparked a ranging market fight between the two companies. This was just coming after Apple Inc had won a legal battle that cost Samsung Electronics Co Ltd pay a whopping $1.05 billion in the United States. They were flying on top of the market bearing in mind that their market value had recently surpassed Microsoft Corp. It had become a technology company that was valuable.

In this latest attack, there is a Samsung fan who has gone through buying the first iPhone in 2007. He had to struggle to wait in the queues, using the dongle for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7. This was before finally giving up and switching to Samsung where life is easier for their smartphones.

This attack on Apple was by far the greatest one so far and has made Apple quite uncomfortable seeing it. The clash of the gadget giants underscores a more serious battle between Apple and Samsung. Their smartphones, especially the newly released ones have positively taken the market. It’s yet to be seen what the Apple’s response will be like with this recent jab from Samsung.


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