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Netflix will no longer work on rooted Android devices

Netflix will no longer work on rooted Android devices


“According to new Netflix policies, “rooted” devices infringe digital rights”

Are you subscribed to Netflix to see your favorite series on your Android device? Well, we have very bad news for you.

The largest streaming platform on the planet gave its ultimatum to those who have rooted devices (root) and / or with customized ROMs.

A number of root supporters have begun reporting problems with the Netflix app after the latest Android update and even attempting to download the app from the Play store itself, which now includes version 5.0 of the application.

Through an official response to the team of Android Police – a US site focused on the Google system – Netflix confirmed what everyone already suspected – the application no longer works on devices with root.

The team points out that it now works directly with Google’s Widevine rating system, which ensures an improved level of security for applications in the Play Store.

Check out the official Netflix response:

With our latest version 5.0, we now fully rely on the Widevine DRM provided by Google; So many devices that are not certified by Google or changed will no longer work with our recent app, and those users will no longer have access to the app in the Play store. – Netflix



The news has spawned an intense debate on social media networks taking into consideration that the practice of root is one of the most used in the Android ecosystem.

If you are a Netflix subscriber and rooted your device, Netflix states that while the app may still work for some users for the moment but will start a phase-out in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, the only way now will be to get an old version of Netflix to downgrade the platform – keep in mind that an outdated version may lose several features and enhancements unique to the latest edition.

You can click on this link that will take you to the APKMirror website that contains all versions of Netflix before this latest update. The APK provided is free and has the company’s own signature being free of threats that may harm your device.

Netflix has recently released version 5.0 in the Play Store. One of the main novelties of this update is the presence of HDR and Dolby Vision – which is only supported in the LG G6 – will soon be available in other models. So, users who have the LG G6 at the moment feel lucky.

Those who already have the application installed on their Root devices will be able to continue using it for now, but you should know that you should choose a way to update it “unofficially” if your Android has Root.


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