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Mysterious ‘Green Line of Death’ Appears On Some iPhone X Displays

Mysterious ‘Green Line of Death’ Appears On Some iPhone X Displays


There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new product and finding some defects. Such things happen but for a gadget that’s ultra-expensive, it becomes doubly frustrating. The Apple company isn’t exempted from such hiccups. There are reports about their new iPhoneX. The complaints are about a “green” defect on their device’s display. News has been circulating in social media and users have yet to get an explanation for the defect.

Now referred to as the “green line of death”, this defect has appeared in the iPhoneX’s screen. And we are talking about recently purchased handsets. The mysterious and inexplicable green line seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Other than that, the phone functions normally.

The occurrence has since gone viral. It’s discussed in many forums, in social media, and with Apple Support Communities. Nowadays, users usually resort to social media. In this case, they hope to find a solution on how to deal with the “green line of death”. According to MacRumors, the problem has already affected about two dozen customers.

The “green line” spontaneously appears vertically on one side of the display. It runs from top to bottom. There are no incidents of having dropped or damaged the phone. Restarting or restoring the device doesn’t help at all as the problem just recurs. Much worse with some, restarting would just cause the green line to pop up in a different spot.

In fairness, Apple isn’t the only one confronted with such issue. Samsung last year reported in some of their phones, pink strips on their displays.

What causes it?

The green vertical line is leaving many users in frustration. They air their grievances on social media like Twitter. They need answers as to why this is happening. For an expensive gadget like this, who can blame them? Many users have resorted to restarts and restore to no avail as the problem just persists. So far, there is yet no tangible explanation. TechCrunch has suggested it could be due to an electrical fault. Users have yet to get an official acknowledgment from Apple. However, at this point, the company should already be aware of the problem.

As suggested earlier by TechCrunch, the problem lies with an electrical fault. It messes with how the phone displays pixels. If so, this should qualify as a hardware problem. This is a similar case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. But instead of the “green line”, Samsung had pink.

TechCrunch further explains that the electrical fault causes the green sub-pixels. The iPhone X’s new diamond sub-pixel pattern is for illumination. Such electrical fault may be causing the voltage to flow to throughout the green sub-pixel pattern in a line. The Apple Company has still to respond to this green issue.

Such new and ambitious technology should expect some glitches. Problems even minimally will present themselves. No matter how meticulous and careful the makers are, there will still be some faults. Attaining a 0.001 percentage of faulty displays is almost impossible to remedy. Whether we like it or not, like the lottery in reverse, an unlucky few of us will end up with a bum phone.

So what now?

Although exaggerated a bit, the “green line of death” moniker has already taken root in social media. Users are begging to find answers, explanations, and solutions to rid them of this “menace”. The thin green line appears on a few of Apple brand-new OLED displays. And it’s really frustrating device-owners.

As to when the green line appears varies according to user reports. Some say that the line had appeared when brand new. Others say the green goblin makes its appearance sometime after regular use. But in others, the color alternates from green to purple.

Generally, the line appears either on the left or right side of the display. Then sometimes, it just disappears. That is totally weird, but one thing is for sure, that it is a hardware problem.

With a 0.001 percentage batting average on faulty phones, that’s not bad for Apple. No matter how small, it is a still a problem. But Apple is smart and kind enough to replace faulty units. With sales up the millions of units and with only about two dozen faulty, what are the chances that a user would get a faulty iPhoneX twice in a row? You could be the unluckiest person in the world!


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