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Motorola Patented A Display That Can Heal Its Own Cracked Screen With Heat

Motorola Patented A Display That Can Heal Its Own Cracked Screen With Heat


The days of walking around with a broken screen on your smart phone could come to an end very soon, all thanks to this new Motorola patent technology “shape memory polymer” (SMPs).

It’s hard not to shudder when you drop your phone on the floor. When it happens, our first impulse is to pick it up and inspect the damage, if you are not lucky, you will be left with a web of cracks spread through your touch screen. Usually that means a trip to the phone repair shop, but Motorola is working on a solution that could allow your phone to repair itself.

Motorola has been working for several years to improve the display of its smartphones, proof of that is the Moto X Force, considered by the same company as “the first smartphone in the world with an unbreakable screen.” Aware that breaks are sometimes unavoidable, the manufacturer now managed by China’s Lenovo recently patented a screen self-repair method that works by applying heat to seal a cracked screen. The patent was filed in February 2016. For its part, the patent indicates that the devices would emit a warning when a crack is detected on the screen, then the user must enable an option to emit a heat wave, which awakens the memory properties capable of directly repairing the imperfection.

Motorola even goes as far as imagination allows with an application that allows a user to mark the damage of the screen, so that the phone gets hot on that particular section of the screen with its own power. There are also ideas for a special repair dock, and a separate piece of material that can be pressed against the screen like an iron.

The special polymer is only designed to work against smaller scratches and cracks, so do not expect the phone to start regenerating new parts if you have removed a section of the screen. It is also unclear how a polymer coated screen would really feel when using it, and if the heat sensitive material is really a great idea for a phone that will be in your pockets.


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