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Mobile Or Tethered – What Is Your Game For Selection Of VR Headset?

Mobile Or Tethered – What Is Your Game For Selection Of VR Headset?


Virtual Reality Headsets indeed have opened many new dimensions for its users with the wide scope of application. However, that also has created numerous questions like: which VR headset is the right buy? For example, the market offers options right from the emergence of Google Daydream View out of the cardboard box cocoon to classy PlayStation VR or Vive for that matter. In fact, that brings us to the basic question: Mobile or tethered – what is your game for selection of a VR headset?

Look No More For An Answer – It Lies Within You

Well, simply speaking, only you can decide the right fit for you –  in spite of the broad range of alternatives available out there. However, you must know what options are available for you before stepping ahead.

Mobile VR Headsets – Virtual Reality Is THE

Next Movie Destination

Mobile VR headsets are available in various forms and functions. They are a shell with lenses and have provision to hold a mobile phone. For an example, Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR are examples of mobile VR headsets. They are available cheap as these headsets do not contribute much except for the 3D projection. Lenses fitted in these VR headsets process the images to create a 3D effect. In addition, you do not need to connect any wires. Typically, this type of VR headsets available in the market can accommodate mobiles with 4.7 to 7 inch screen size. That goes well if you are looking for an entertainment companion on the go.

Tethered VR Headsets – Open Your Eyes In The Enthralling World Of Virtual Reality

Things need to go beyond the basics when you look for more options to explore the virtual reality. Tethered headsets require a wired connection via USB or HDMI port. These headsets connect directly to a computer or a gaming device. They come with various sensors for the control. Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive are examples of tethered VR headsets.

Compare Your Pick Before You Pick

Features Sony PlayStation VR Oculus Rift HTC Vive Samsung Gear VR (2017) Google Daydream View
Type Tethered Tethered Tethered Mobile Mobile
Resolution 960×1080 1080×1200 1080×1200 As per phone As per phone
Hardware Platform PlayStation 4 PC PC Android Google Daydream VR
Software Platform PlayStation 4 Oculus SteamVR Oculus powered Samsung Gear VR Android 7.0 Nougat
Connectivity USB 2.0, HDMI USB 3.0 USB 3.0, HDMI USB 3.0, USB 2.0 NA
Sensors External Visual Positioning, Motion External Visual Positioning, Motion External Motion Tracking, Camera, Motion Motion Motion
Controls PlayStation Move, DualShock 4 Xbox One, gamepad Oculus Touch HTC Vive motion controllers


Settle On Your Virtual Reality Limits – Or Simply Live Life Limitless

The thrill of enjoying the best of the virtual reality is directly proportional to the price you pay. Mobile VR headsets are typically available for less than $100. On the other hand, tethered VR headsets cost you more than $400 to begin with. You may need to pay extra for wires and game controllers depending upon the headset you buy.

However, tethered VR headsets truly are a value for money with excellent head tracking capability and image fidelity due to positioning and tracking sensors. Well, on the contrary, being little unwieldy is truly is worth it. Therefore, select your new companion for non-stop action and entertainment based on your pocket size and the features you are looking for.


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