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Microsoft Edge coming to Android and iOS, Microsoft Launcher for Android Also Revealed

Microsoft Edge coming to Android and iOS, Microsoft Launcher for Android Also Revealed


The android mobile operating systems is becoming a porterhouse for mobile operating systems, it is unimaginable to find any hardware developer who is not using Android as an operating system for their Smartphone and Tablet devices. Android has the same effect on mobile devices as Microsoft Windows has on desktop PC’s.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have being battling each other in the mobile OS industry, but it seems as the dust is salting as Microsoft decided to include their services on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems. For years, Microsoft Edge has been exclusively functioning on windows operating system.

Microsoft Launcher was early developed as Arrow Launcher during Microsoft’s better tests. Users who were using the Arrow Launcher app will now have to switch to Microsoft Edge. They will be able to continue the Microsoft experience from mobile devices to personal computer to close the gap between two devices.

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS

Microsoft Edge in an upgrade to the popular mobile browser that revolutionizes the World Wide Web is Internet Explorer (IE). The legendary operating system was last used by Microsoft on windows 8.1 and 10. It introduced it as Edge as their default browser. Internet Explorer has been used for many devices and PC’s globally.

Microsoft Edge loads faster than Internet Explorer and uses a different engine. Microsoft announced that they will be using an EdgeHTML. It renders engine as their products, for Android they will be using Google Chromes Blink engine and for iOS they will be using Safiri Webkit engine. The announcement was made by Microsoft at the launch of Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS.

Android and iOS users can use their Edge browser to sync with other devices such as windows 10 PC and Mobile, Tablet and other iOS or Android Edge devices. Regardless how exciting it is, it will have Microsoft Edge installed on mobile, they have not officially launched yet. They just moved to have better tests.

Microsoft Launcher for Android

The announcement of new Microsoft Launcher for android should be good news for anyone who prefers using Android device. Launcher will let mobile users link their Smartphone to their Personal Computers. It helps to view documents and images on a bigger screen.  Launcher can be used to hide apps, organize home screen or change the way your icons are displayed.

Users will be able to view photos, edit documents or even read content on websites from your mobile device. The Launcher is expected to work primarily with office, Outlook and OneDrive. As per Microsoft, Launcher is convenient as you can snap a picture with your phone and instantly view it on your PC. Alternatively, you can open a word document on your phone and read it on your PC.

The launcher is available for download at Google play store. Users who use windows 10 mobile won’t face any difficulties with Microsoft Launcher as they have the same similarities. You can have similar themes for your mobile device and desktop PC. Developers made the Launcher app easy to navigate.


Microsoft recently announced the death of their Windows Phone. However, they will focus on mobile industry. They are making an effort to develop software’s for both Android and iOS devices. Microsoft chooses the similar move as Research In motion (RIM) to stop making hardware products for their blackberry mobile devices and focus on making software.

With Microsoft officially announcing both the Edge for Android and iOS and Launcher for android, it means more app’s to be developed for both Mobile Operating Systems by Microsoft. The Launcher by Microsoft is a magnificent app as you will be able to start a task on your phone. It is a great replacement of computer

Having Edge installed on Android, you can share web browser links from your mobile to your PC Using Launcher.


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