Home Devices Meizu Smartphone Codenamed Ocean To Feature Bezel-Less Design: 2018 Launch Likely
Meizu Smartphone Codenamed Ocean To Feature Bezel-Less Design: 2018 Launch Likely

Meizu Smartphone Codenamed Ocean To Feature Bezel-Less Design: 2018 Launch Likely


In recent times, people have been going crazy about bezel-less smartphones. There is something about the absence of this component. When only the screen engulfs the entire smartphone, the device seems bigger and more elegant.

Many brands have launched such devices, but none were completely successful. Looks like Meizu may have the best solution yet with their latest flagship device, codename Ocean.

The Chinese manufacturer has already made splashes in recent years, but this just may be their most ambitious project yet. Set to launch in 2018, the Ocean bezel-less device may just be able to revolutionize the smartphone market.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal and style points, a completely successful bezel-less phone is an important sign of things coming in the near future. Let’s focus a bit on the device itself and what weight does it carry within the tech world.

Rumors were swirling

Weibo has always been a gold mine when it comes to new and unreleased designs of future smartphones. GizmoChina caught a glance of a new and revolutionary design of an upcoming Meizu smartphone. With the device showing a completely bezel-less body, it shines with elegance. What may be even better is that the screen doesn’t look too big.

A moderate size screen may be an important indicator of a reasonable price. Such a move may be revolutionary since every new model is released at a premium price in the first few months. The combination of a unique and innovative feature, with a good price, may just be what the world needs right now.

Many micro-blogging sites with sources within the company confirmed that the price will indeed be in the mid range and that it won’t fluctuate on different markets. When will we see it? This year is out of the question, for sure.

Meizu’s president, Jack Wong, has stated that there is no bezel-less smartphone in their plans in the near future. Now, don’t be discouraged, that is just tech for “We have plans, but we aren’t going to reveal them right now”. Our bet is the first half of 2018 when the market will be the toughest.

The specs

Since this is just a report from an unknown, but reliable source, we can only speculate about what’s really going to happen. The center of these rumors is the fact that the Ocean smartphone will contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC processors. It’s an older, but more stable model that isn’t used in modern smartphones all that much.

It definitely isn’t the Snapdragon 835 or 821, but it gets the job done almost flawlessly. Plus, it shows Meizu’s incentive that they don’t want to overprice their device and limit their market.

Another segment of the rumors states that Android 8.0 will most likely be the selected OS for the flagship. Also, there are rumors of the company striking deals with Telus and T-Mobile. We will finally be able to see a legit breach into the US and Canada market.

What does it mean, anyway?

Despite being eye-pleasing, a bezel-less smartphone may be more significant that you’ve ever thought. If an experiment like this is met with positive reviews and critics, more money will be invested in such projects. A bezel-less smartphone is a final step towards a bending-screen smartphone.

The biggest challenge when it comes to creating a bending smartphone is how to get rid of the bezel. Samsung and LG have stated this multiple times. They haven’t been able to pull this off, but Meizu might just be on the verge of something.

If a completely bezel-less smartphone is able to exist within the current market, then experts may be able to experiment with bendable materials for future endeavors. It seems like 2017 has been more marked by powerful specs than by actual innovations.

If ideas such as Meizu’s bezel-less device catch on, there might be a new focus in 2018. Trends are everything in the smartphone world and if this catches on, we just might be able to see the best year in tech ever. Something like that is not a dream, it’s here. One day, we will remember the Meizu Ocean as a starter of something much bigger. Stay tuned.


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