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Manage your data with Google’s new Triangle Android App

Manage your data with Google’s new Triangle Android App


Google is currently testing an app in the Philippines called “Triangle”. The app was first spotted over at Android Police. It is being speculated that this app will allow users to keep an eye on how much data they have spent over time. This app will make it easy for the user to monitor and regulate their data usage. The app would be different from other because it would provide both a total and per-app breakdown of the data usage, and also help the user to minimize the data access of an app by 10 to 30 minutes.

Currently, as the app is in the testing phase in the Philippines, and as per Google, it is not currently available for download at the play store. The app will prove handy for those mobile users who are stuck in low price mobile plans or poor network area. After launching this app, you can restrict a particular app which is consuming too much data by limiting its data usage.

The app is currently available only in the Philippines. However, if you do live there, you should test out how the data limiting app fare against its competitors.

If you are sitting in other parts of the world and willing to use this app then you can check out this app from downloading it sideloading the APK from a website like APKMirror.

To see how it works you can open various apps and then use Triangle to check out the performance of this app. Although the app is still a beta, but based by on how it’s supposed to work (at least on paper), it will definitely prove handy for the users.


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