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Logitech Says You’ll Use Webcams with Your Smartphone in the Future

Logitech Says You’ll Use Webcams with Your Smartphone in the Future


We’re now at a point in tech development where everyone has a video. Whether it is on our phones, laptops or tablets, the outcome is the same. Availability is no longer the focus, as it is unthinkable to have a camera-less phone. Instead, the attention of the public has shifted to something more important. That focus is quality.

In order to make something already globally available better, you need to up the quality. That’s precisely what Logitech did with their MeetUp setup. The new hardware brings all sorts of innovations to the field of video communication. It’s basically for video-conferencing, but you can use it in any way possible. It’s an ingenious device that will benefit meetings all around the world.

Aside from the MeetUp software, something else caught our eye. Simon Dudley, director of the product strategy at Logitech, mentioned a possible future appearance of mobile-compatible webcams. A bold statement, this prediction caused a lot of stir in the tech community. What does it all mean anyway? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

MeetUp signifies a bright future

Video conferencing has always had a real shaky relationship with technology. Inconsistent image sounds that’s breaking up and a narrow field of view – these are just some of the problems that have been plaguing people around the world. Logitech decided to put an end to this nightmare with perhaps the best video conference hardware ever.

We’ve emphasized the word hardware. Logitech has always been keen on making users install their own software. This has changed and the company has a new outlook on consumer politics. It can work with any existing video conference software, without limitations.

It provides users with an added simplicity. The camera is only required to be plugged into a USB port. Nothing else is needed. We’ve seen big conference cameras promoted, but this is the first model for the so-called “huddle room”.

These are rooms that require a clear image but don’t house many people. Before, the usual solution would be to huddle around a laptop and hope for the best. Of course, this left many people out of the frame. With the MeetUp software, this occurrence is a thing of the past.

What makes MeetUp so unique?

When seeing the software for the first time, the first thing that catches your eye is the incredibly wide camera lens. Boasting a 120-degree field of view, it will encompass the contents of the whole room. While testing it, we’ve noticed an incredibly wide and clear image. There was no need for uncomfortable sitting and awkward huddling. Everyone sat just as they were placed initially.

Another significant thing is the expanding microphone. Usually connected to the camera, it can be disconnected too. It has a range of perfect sound of up to 4.2 meters. That is impressive for impeccable sound. However, it can still be heard if the speaker is a little bit further away.

For a versatile and compatible option with 4K recording, $800 is really a bargain price. Some might find the price too steep, but we have no argument against it. For a device that sharpens the image this well and is capable of automatically shifting focus, any price is fine.

This isn’t just VC cam – it’s a sign of the future of video solutions. The industry is developing at a rapid pace and there is something that might ensue soon – mobile webcams.

Smartphone webcams – not if, but when

It’s become too obvious in recent years. Smartphones aren’t even phones anymore. They’re pocket computers capable of establishing communication once in a while. They’re all armed with video cameras, but it’s just a matter of time when we may see customizations.

Webcams are going to be a real option for your smartphone very soon. The only thing left to calibrate is video conversion and data and battery spending. Aside from this, everything is pretty much solved. To accomplish this, you just have to plug in the camera into your USB-C jack.

A device of the future, the mobile webcam will comfortably sit at the top of your phone. We’re all in anticipation and inventions such as MeetUp give us hope like never before.




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