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LG’s V30 Smartphone ‘Leaves Gimmicks Behind’

LG’s V30 Smartphone ‘Leaves Gimmicks Behind’


LG has always had an ambitious team of software engineers and designers will to take the next step into smartphone stardom. Although LG has always been near the top and has made some groundbreaking releases, they always fell a little bit short.

The reason for that was too big of a focus on gimmicks and additional features that don’t necessarily make or break a phone. With the V30, it’s all back to basics for LG.

Revealed earlier this year, the LG V30 boasts quite a combination of basic, but incredibly strong features. This was something we were all hoping to see.

With less focus on things such as snap-in modules and second displays, LG had more time and resources to focus on those eternal and ever-relevant features. Let’s take a closer look at what the LG V30 has to offer and why is it so groundbreaking.

The design

Slickness was the apparent aim of this device.  LG may have just succeeded in creating their best looking phone ever. With the release of the G6, LG finally showed that they cared about looks too. With a competitive and challenging market, visual appeal means a lot. Such an addition to an already solid arsenal may just prove to be the deciding factor to push LG all the way to the top.

The first thing that we’ve noticed is the complete absence of bezels. With an all screen appearance, you could just stare at the device and marvel at its beauty.

Adding to the aesthetic pleasure are the slight curves on the edges of the screen. It’s a 6-inch one, after all, and it holds up wonderfully. Because of those curves and the ideal size, this 158-gram smartphone will fit right into the palm of your hand.

One downside is the inclusion of Gorilla Glass of the back. The fingerprints and smudges don’t look so good on the shining exterior.

The screen

Even though LG TV sets are renowned for the amazing OLED screens, the company mostly applies LCD panels to their best phones. However, the V30 is the first LG flagship with an OLED display and the change is evident from miles away.

All the colors are visibly more vivid, especially the purples, the shades of black and the blue hues. The resolution is 2880 x 1440, with an 18:9 aspect ratio. That ratio is the same as the one in the G6 series, but the HDR 10 panel does its magic, along with the OLED display. It’s always awesome to see a manufacturer improving from one model to another.

If you have battery to spare, turn on the Enhanced Color Mode. It does leech on the battery quite a lot, but the experience when watching a movie is unbelievable. In previous V phones, there was a small display with shortcuts, but now it’s gone.

It’s an excellent move and the basic features are all on the top of the smartphone game. Simplicity does equal excellence and the V30 is a prime example of that notion.

Performance and software

If you think the V30 is just a show off for aesthetics, you can’t be more wrong. With a monster under the hood, the V30 might just be the phone with the best hardware in the entire 2017.

The latest Snapdragon 835 SoC chipset is an excellent partner to the 4 GB of RAM. This phone can really do anything and store anything, too – 64 or 128 GB of storage is just enough for any type of endeavor.

Although LG has never been famous for spotless software, there are changes in this department, too. It’s notably faster than every other V series phone at the time of their release, and it boasts better efficiency against the G6, as well.

Something that was a subject of debate was the battery. Many people speculated that the V30 would feature a much stronger battery than the 3300 mAh it has. The majority of customers was quick to judge the phone by its sheer specs, but boy – were they wrong!

A more efficient CPU spends much less battery.  You also have the USB-C and wireless charging options, which is always a plus. An enhanced battery saver is also a neat addition.



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