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LG to make ThinQ AI to be the Main Focus of 2018

LG to make ThinQ AI to be the Main Focus of 2018


The race for better AI development has intensified as LG has gotten into the game. The company announced that they’ll make ThinQ AI as the main focus for the year 2018. The company plans to make the AI the main focus for all their products that are to come out throughout the year. This was stated by the Executive Vice President and CTO of LG, I.G. Park.

The Artificial intelligence from the company will have 3 main characteristics that’ll define it. The ability to evolve, integration with everyday products and ability to work with others. The AI is definitely living up to the characteristics set as the company recently announced integrations for Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa.

The plan is for the AI to be able to work with most of the home products by LG. This is the company’s way to make sure that they are not left behind in the booming IoT industry. Mr. Park, The CTO of LG explained the expectations that they have for the AI. For instance, it’s expected that the LG air conditioner that you use will be able to adapt and learn, thus providing you with the temperature you like automatically.

In addition to that, your cleaning robot will be able to learn and decipher objects in the house. This means it’ll know the difference between say your pet dog and other household items. This will make it easier for it to navigate around the house. In future, the AI is expected to work in car via the dashboard. It could help adjust the temperature of the AC or play your favourite song among many other things. To make sure this plan is achieved; LG has made all their devices IoT ready and equipped them with Wi-Fi capabilities.

LG’s idea to integrate other voice assistants to its products is aimed at giving consumers a seamless experience. It looks to take advantage of, for example Google Assistants voice capabilities, to allow for commands while the AI makes the communication between the devices. An example of how this would work is, in theory you could activate Assistant on your TV and ask it to adjust the temperature of the AC.

Let’s not forget about the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) integration. The integration allows you to issue commands such as “search for the soundtrack of the video” or “turn off the program” without having to provide the name of the program. Google is also in on the game as they have partnered with LG in some products.

This was stated in detail by Scott Huffman, VP, and Engineering Google Assistant. Some of the products that they’ll be making together is the upcoming ThinQ AI speaker and LG Tone Active Headset. Finally, the company also announced the new line of TVs that are going to use the ThinQ platform.

The TVs were announced by Tim Alessi, Vice President of Marketing at LG who talked about the new OLED and super UHD TVs for 2018. The new OLED series will range from 55 to 75 inches and will run on the Alpha 9 image processors. On a side note, the new processors are expected to provide 50% more processing power than the previous models. You can expect better image quality, sound quality and better gradation of colours.

LG is making big moves in the IoT industry and it’s about time they did. There are many players that have made a bit of head way such as Alexa and Google AI. Either way, it’s not too late and is a smart move from the company.

The decision to integrate Google Assistant and Alexa is a smart move that’ll allow for a better customer experience. On top of that, LG did say that they are open to working with other players in the market as well. The. 2018 will be the tipping point for the smart home. This was stated by David VanderWaal, VP of Marketing, Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics for LG, while showcasing how an LG powered smart home would look like. 2018 is going to be an interesting year for IoT as more players get into the game.


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