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LG G7’s – Phone Specifications and Release Date

LG G7’s – Phone Specifications and Release Date


LG is expected to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 845. It will also have an Adreno 630 graphics chip and around six gigs of RAM. The On-board storage might be approximately 64 gigabytes!

The G7 is expected to run using Android OS, but we’re not sure which one. But many smartphone producers have been going for the new Android 8.0 (Oreo), so they could be going for it too.

Another feature we’re looking forward to on this device is their OLED screens. OLED screens on LG’s before have worked great with stunning results when showing colors. The G7’s screen could be around 1440 x 2880 pixels with a proximity sensor.

According to a picture we got the G7’s body that can be made up of glass with a slight metal accent. Although it’s not available for rough usage, this phone is expected to have particular amount of water, shock, and dust resistance. This feature will protect your G7 against daily wear and tear.

The device, in general, isn’t expected to be more than 6 inches. It might have a front camera that is 16 megapixels! I’m hoping that comes true. The selfie camera might be around 8 to 7 megapixels so don’t worry, and your selfies will still be Instagram ready.

Speaking of pictures and Instagram, we have high hopes for the G7’s camera and image editing features. Some of our trusted sources said that we could expect the G7 to have a dual-camera, so the camera in whole could have two 16 megapixel cameras at the front or just two 8 megapixel cameras, who knows… Some of the features we’re waiting for are the usual face detector, brightness, and contrast settings and of course it will use your voice to take pictures.

Besides that, the G7 could be taking HDR and panoramic shots! The expected video quality of its camera has no less than 3840 x 2160, so be ready for some excellent movie theatre animated videos shot by G7’s.

Now moving on to the big question!

When are we getting those G7’s? Well, we have many factors that play a role in answering that question. One of them is that some of us may remember what happened to the G6 and if you have no idea what we’re talking that’s precisely the point. Due to a poorly decided launch date last year the G6 got overshadowed by other more famous smartphone brands like Samsung and iPhone.

However, as per reports G7 is put on hold because of its design and build flaws that need to be fixed. LG, on the other hand, has denied those claims saying that they work on their schedule. They further said that they won’t conform to industry norms but would rather spend more time developing their products and release them at the right time.

Those industry norms could be referring to the MWC 2018 where many are expecting the company to launch G7. Many have come to this conclusion because last year LG started the G6 at the MWC. Well, it seems like they learned a lesson they’ll never forget. But we have to remember that they haven’t exactly said that they wouldn’t release it there this year. So maybe, just maybe it will be launched at this year’s MWC, but we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

There’s been a talk about how LG is now fed up with low sales in their handheld devices section. According to one of LG’s bigwigs has made them come to the decision that they will be rebranding that whole sector. So we can expect more devices are coming from LG and more “flavor” in their marketing strategies. But since the G6 was a great smartphone despite getting poor publicity, our expectations for the G7 are sky high!


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