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Key Features of LG G6

Key Features of LG G6


Finally, LG has managed to do it: make a good-looking smartphone free of gimmicks. There’s no doubt that LG G6 is the best phone from LG till date.

The important question, however, is LG’s best good enough? Can it give the iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 the run for their money?

The G6 was launched in Canada on April 7th and only time will tell how consumers will take to it.

The phone has a superb display and decent camera, but it’s slightly outdated specs might make consumers think a little before buying it.

Here’s a brief overview of its key features:


Most smartphones have a 16:9 ratio display. The G6, however, has gone for an 18:9 aspect ratio and so that a smaller body can house in a taller panel. The display is 5.7 inches, but the shell is considerably smaller than 5.5 inch Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone7 Plus.

The phone has a resolution of 2880 x 1440 and gives vivid colors. However, the display is not AMOLED. The G6 comes with Dolby Vision Support, something that no other phone in the market offers.


The absence of a thick bezel makes the phone attractive, and thankfully, LG has done away with the sub-standard metal-sprayed plastic it used in the G5. The rear has Gorilla Glass 5, but the front has only Glass 3.

The standby switch, which comes with a fingerprint sensor, is perfectly placed, below the camera on the rear, because that’s where fingers automatically rest when you pick your smartphone. This phone is water-resistant and is built to withstand a fall in the toilet or bathtub.


Most new premium phones have Snapdragon 835 chipset, but the G6 runs on the older 821. Now, don’t get us wrong. The 821 is pretty good, even Google Pixel is powered by it, and G6 is impressively fast. However, for a premium price, consumers should get the most advanced components. With that said, you would have no problem multitasking or running high-powered games like Asphalt and Modern Combat on the G6.

There’s plenty of RAM, with 4GB to spare, but internal storage is limited to 32GB. Yes, the phone comes with a microSD card slot, but almost every other flagship phone offer 64GB. Wireless charging is limited to US shoppers only and Quad Hi-Fi DAC to improve sound quality is not available of models other than the Korean ones. Although not necessary, these two features would have been nice additions, especially when you consider the phone doesn’t have the latest specs and an average battery.


Apart from a few tweaks, the camera in the LG G6 is the same as what you got in the G5. There are two sensors at the back, one is the usual camera (13-megapixel) and the other is for wide-angle shots.

The cameras are quite impressive, and the wide-angle shots come out pretty good. However, at times, colors can lack liveliness and the dynamic range is not as good as other premium Android phones.

Overall, the G6 is an impressive Android phone. It runs well and has a good battery time. However, if you work on your phone mostly, using the graphic and RAM consuming softwares and apps, this might not be the phone for you.



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