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Kaspersky Lab Seeks To Gain Back Trust After Spy Accusations

Kaspersky Lab Seeks To Gain Back Trust After Spy Accusations


Kaspersky is a world-famous antivirus for basically any device out there. Up until recently, they had the most immaculate reputation. However, it seems that the US government decided to give them the banhammer, for the time being at least.

The reason for this fiasco is the alleged theft of US government confidential data by Russian hackers. Kaspersky is blamed in this case because it was the operating antivirus on the device where this occurred.

The company, of course, denies any allegations of collaboration with Russian spy agencies. While nobody knows for sure what exactly happened, Kaspersky is adamant that this will come to a close.

They are making their source code available to all curious testers in order to prove their innocence. As they say, they have nothing to hide, and their services are meant for all the world’s countries in equal quality. We can’t even logically assume the backstory of this event, but we can safely speculate.

The Crime

Before we go into guessing, we should mention the undeniable facts relating to antivirus software. Kaspersky itself states that every antivirus program comes with a risk. Fact is, there is not a single antivirus product that can keep its user completely safe.

The essence of this issue is that it’s all still code. There’s always a better coder lurking somewhere in the depths of the deep web. These people can emerge from time to time and commit another crime, which is their usual activity.

Nothing here proves nor disproves such an occurrence. Someone from the deep web might as well have hacked the PC in question and stolen the data.

The US, of course, will naturally assume that it was some Russian spy agency. However, that data might just be on sale in the underworld right now, which makes this crime a plain robbery.

Kaspersky’s immunity, in this case, is its undeniable reputation as one of the world’s best. Probably the best antivirus software on the planet is Bitdefender at this time.

However, Kaspersky’s probably second or third in those rankings. As such, it surely does offer a high amount of protection for its users. The fact that somebody was able to break through it, shouldn’t really backfire on the company itself.

The Punishment

Then again, even with all this in mind, the people will still blame the company anyway. Kaspersky states that the user’s trust is the most important virtue of any antivirus. That in itself is both true and wrong.

In the case where the antivirus fails to uphold its duty, the trusting user will likely be outraged. So it’s a rope with both ends really, that the antivirus companies have to hold all the time. Having the trust of your users does come at a big cost in times of failure. Kaspersky is now experiencing that vast trust first-hand.

While it will surely take a while for the company to regain its reputation after the scandal, it’s still well-off. The fact that some country’s government doesn’t use it anymore will not dissuade most of its users.

However, Kaspersky feels quite damaged by the allegations, and they will do anything in their power to wipe their face clean. After all, it’s not just about the money, it’s about the lost trust that Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky wants to restore.

The Faith

Be that as it may, Kaspersky is sure to come out victorious in any situation. Its user base is simply wide enough to just keep them going anyway. For most people that have been using Kaspersky for years, this error is overlookable.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Kaspersky is, regardless of bad propaganda, an outstanding antivirus program. If it turns out that they actually are guilty of providing unsolicited access to Russian hackers, they will lose everything.

Precisely for that reason, it’s a little hard to believe that they would in spite of guilt come out this openly. Their software is now ripe for the testing, and the results remain to be evaluated.

It is the belief of most that Kaspersky will indeed come out completely clean, and thus put this misfortunate event behind them. As for the US government, we don’t know whether they will go back to Kaspersky after this has settled, but at least they will drop charges.



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