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iPhone X vs. iPhone 8

iPhone X vs. iPhone 8


Apple launched 3 brand new iPhones. On the 12th of September, Apple introduced the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. This happened at the Apple Event held in San Francisco. Apple created the iPhone X as a tribute to the 10th-year anniversary of the iPhones. On the other hand, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the next models in the series. You may have already heard about iPhone X’s price tag and iPhone 8’s enhanced processor and camera. Now let’s compare these phones:

The size

In terms of size, the iPhone 8 Plus is the biggest one among all 3 models mentioned. The iPhone 8 is 138.4 mm by 67.3 mm, and 7.3 mm thick. The iPhone X is 143.6 mm by 70.9 mm, and 7.7 mm thick.

There’s a significant difference in their sizes, but not much in terms of thickness. But when you compare their weights, you’ll definitely notice the difference. The iPhone X weights 174 grams while the iPhone 8 weighs 148 grams.

The design

The iPhone X isn’t as curved as the usual iPhone models. It looks like Apple is trying to keep up with the current smartphone trends. It’s also waterproof and has a glass design. The iPhone X comes in 2 colors, silver and space grey. But the edge of this model is its screen, which we’ll discuss later.

The design of iPhone 8 is same as the other typical models. It has a familiar exterior with curved edges. But instead of an aluminium rear, it’s made of glass, making it look sleeker. But because of the material, you’ll find your fingerprints all over it, right next to the phone’s logo. You should also avoid dropping it. But the great thing is, the iPhone 8 is water-resistant. Finally, this model comes in 3 different colors – silver, gold, and space grey.

Now let’s talk about the screen’s display. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen that’s a cool Super Retina HD display. But the iPhone X has the same kind of screen but with a notably bigger size at 5.8 inches. The iPhone X also has an OLED display, which is becoming quite trendy. Unlike the LCD screen, an OLED screen displays deep and dark colors superiorly.

Camera features

Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 have 12 MP rear cameras, but they’re varied. The iPhone X has 2 rear cameras with a zoom up to 10x. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 only had 1 rear camera with a zoom up to 5x.

Also, both phones have differing front cameras, although both are 7 MP. But the front camera of the iPhone X has a special feature, the True Depth camera which is there for the FaceID. This feature also comes with animojis. It’s a fun extra feature wherein you can become an animated emoji instantly!

Hardware and software

The biggest change in terms of hardware is that they removed the familiar Touch ID or home button on the iPhone X. When it comes to software, both smartphones run on the A11 Bionic processor. This has a GPU which has a 30% enhanced performance compared to the iPhone 7.

An important feature introduced in iOS 11 is the Augmented Reality or AR. With it, you’ll be able to play with AR apps and games. Both phones carry this feature.

Face ID vs. Touch ID

When you think about it, the battle between iPhone X and iPhone 8 revolves around Face ID and Touch ID. If you’ve seen the display of iPhone X, you may have seen the black stripe located at the top of the screen. This is the True Depth camera we mentioned earlier. So you can use it to unlock your phone. Apparently, it’s built for facial recognition even in the dark!

Quick and wireless charging

One major flaw of iPhones is their battery life. We don’t know the battery of iPhone X because they didn’t announce it during the event. But for the iPhone 8, the battery is 1821 mAh, which isn’t very remarkable. The bottom line is, users, want their phone batteries to at least last the whole day. For this, Apple may already have a solution.

The solution comes in the form of AirPower, the wireless charging device. Both phones have a wireless charging feature. However, you need to purchase the device separately to be able to use this feature.

The price

This is an easy one. If you’re looking for the cheaper model, you should go with the iPhone 8. In fact, the price of the iPhone X might actually shock you!

So, now that you know more, which one do you prefer?


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