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iOS 11 Users Cannot Secretly Record Snaps Anymore

iOS 11 Users Cannot Secretly Record Snaps Anymore


Snapchat is among the top 5 most popular apps on the iOS platform. As such, it has a high number of users that figured out a workaround for some of its rules.

The one rule that makes Snapchat unique is the users’ inability to save snaps. It makes the app usage fleeting and interesting because every picture is a unique experience.

It’s not recent news, though, that users have access to functions that allow them to keep the pictures anyway. This has been going on for almost as long as the existence of Snapchat itself.

Earlier, users were able to screenshot anyone’s snap and save their picture. At that point, the user on the other end would get the notification that their snap was saved.

The subject here is different though, as iOS 11 users can now record their screens also. In other words, entire “My Story” rolls can be saved at the press of a button.

The story feature of Snapchat collects all of the recently posted pictures into a single slideshow. After the Screen Recording feature landed on the iOS, the users were able to do this in secret.

Improved Detection

The main culprit for the secrecy of snap recorders was Snapchat’s inability to recognize the recording app. Not too long ago, the developers of both decided to meet up in order to help Snapchat detect this kind of software.

The result is that users can no longer record someone’s story roll without that user getting notified instantly.

In a way, this is paradoxical. Why would the users need to be notified that something they shared publicly is being saved somewhere?

Well, the low-key sophisticated point of Snapchat is still the same – impermanent views of other people. These pictures and videos are supposed to stay in someone’s memory, not on their device.

How To Screen Record?

If you’re an iOS 11 and Snapchat user, you probably already know what we’re talking about. However, some users aren’t that educated about the innovations of the new iOS.

If that’s you, you probably want to know why you don’t have this feature yet. Well, if you have iOS 11, it’s on your phone already.

However, you need to go through a few steps to enable it. Screen recording can be turned on in the control center, accessed by swiping up the bottom edge of your screen.

In order to put it there, you need to go to Settings > Control Center and click the green +, then select Screen Recording.

All For Good Marketing

Every experienced Snapchat user probably knew that this feature won’t be a secret for too long. However, what almost nobody knows is that Snapchat is doing its best to overcome Facebook and its Instagram.

Snapchat used to be a unique app until most of its features appeared elsewhere, so now it requires new features to re-gain popularity.

Fortunately for Snapchat, this is starting to happen. The increase in its popularity may have nothing to do with their recording detection, but we can only speculate.

What remains certain is that Snapchat will continue improving the experience and privacy of its users. It’s hard to fight through social network giants like Twitter and Facebook, but it looks like Snapchat just might.

In The Limelight Again

Ever since Instagram became basically a second Snapchat, the users of its competition became fewer and fewer. At the current moment, Snapchat has around 166 million monthly users, and Instagram over 800 million. Luckily for Snapchat, these statistics are starting to improve for them.

A survey of over 6,000 teens aged 12 to 17 showed that Snapchat is the preferred social network of 47% of them, as opposed to 39% in the spring. We don’t know why its users are coming back, but the new safety features surely aren’t unhelpful in that task.

Experts estimate that Snapchat’s usage will continue growing among teens, as their interest for Facebook and Instagram reduces. The reasons for these changes of taste are unknown, as both of the mentioned competitors maintain the highest content quality.

One thing is certain though – Snapchat is now more user-friendly and it ensures the overall safety of intellectual property.


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