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iOS 11 To Prevent Connection To Weak WiFi Automatically

iOS 11 To Prevent Connection To Weak WiFi Automatically


An option has appeared in the latest beta for developers. The WiFi in iOS 11 will be smarter than ever when connecting to different WiFi’s.

There is a saying that has emerged and popularized in this generation 2.0 that reads “Home is where the WiFi connects alone” and thanks to this new function Apple products are able to remember a network and automatically authenticate if it had done so before. Now, the WiFi in iOS 11 will go one step further by sifting through those connections that are not worth using.

Sometimes there is a WiFi with very poor coverage or signal, which is why we prefer to pull data so that at least we can connect to the network using 3G or LTE.


 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will connect to saved or open Wi-Fi networks automatically so you can save your data, but if that network has a weak signal or a very low performance, the system will obviate.

However, if you still want to connect to it, you can do so manually. If you have the “Ask to Join Networks” setting enabled, messages will no longer appear when you encounter free networks (from cafes, shops …) that have a low quality. An option that aims to improve the user experience

This will also prevent those micro-connections with stored or open networks that are far away but close enough for the phone to detect them.

This fourth developer version of iOS 11 has also brought many other small innovations that are gradually being discovered. For example, new icons for the Contacts, Notes and Reminders apps. Clearer icons for WiFi and networks, improvements in the Control Center, Siri and a countdown of three seconds on the recording screen in the camera app.

Remember that the final version of iOS 11 will arrive this fall.

What do you think about the improvement of WiFi in iOS 11? You can leave us your opinion in the comments.


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