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iOS 11 Rumors And Details

iOS 11 Rumors And Details


When Apple revealed that they will release the next generation of iOS software, speculations and rumors rose immediately. Of course, the most significant part of every software reveal is the appearance. Smartphone operating systems are often habit makers, meaning that people get used to their looks the most, not just functionality.

With iOS, it was a little bit different because it’s an OS renowned for its efficiency, speed, and clean spectacular appearance. The final update will be there on Wednesday, September 13. Of course, the decision to make it an autumn update is a great one, but there’s more to it.

The iPhone 8 reveal event is scheduled for September 12! Apple is attacking our anticipation from both sides now and we can’t wait to see the new OS paired with the new device. Will they be a match made in heaven or not is yet to be seen. Let’s focus on the highly anticipated OS first.

The looks

One of the reasons why we love Apple is their will to carefully touch up on their software. They’ve discovered a working formula a long time ago and they aren’t afraid to put it to use yet again. With small changes of course. This method is seen once again when you take a glance at the iOS 11, along with some extra freshness.

The interface features bolder text, which adds to a much cleaner font and easier reading. Some good old icons such as Calculator and Phone have completely redesigned icons.

It’s not something too unorthodox, we view as more of a move to blend the basic icons into the new-look interface. Everything is more pleasant on the eyes. It seems like every OS is has a more calming effect than the previous one.

Perhaps a big innovation is the merging of the Lock screen with the Notification center. Whether this is a good move or not is yet to be seen, but we like the boldness of the idea.

It seems like this entire OS is a fusion between gradual improvement and bold innovation. When you swipe to see your notifications, it will bring the Lock screen down, too.

One thing that will also be popular is the new Control Center. You will find it lovely that it’s not split across multiple screens and that it has more settings than ever. Control over the phone has always been a knock against Apple and it’s quite amazing that they’ve begun fixing the issue.

What’s new with Siri?

It’s already something usual to see the new and improved version of Siri with every new OS. However, it’s amazing to see Siri this improved with OS 11. What you will notice right away is how amazingly human the speech is.

Both male and female voices have far better articulations, the rhythm of speech and vocabulary. It’s all filtered through a more expressive voice, which both calms you down and fills you with warmth.

Something that we’ve all been waiting for is here – better sync for all iOS and Mac devices. Siri also has a much better memory, which gives it a better understanding of your preferences. This allows for more shortcuts and many saved hours in the long run.

Cross-device Siri is finally a reality, but with a smooth addition – end-to-end encryption. Whatever you share with yourself on other devices will stay there and won’t be traceable. Another significant improvement is a better sync with Apple Music.

What about the iPad?

With iOS 10 being mostly ignored when it comes to iPads, this fault is erased with the upcoming iOS 11. Apple has given full attention to the larger relative of the iPhone and significant changes are there. First of all, a big switch is there. Like never before, this new iOS focuses more on using the iPad as a legitimate computer, not just a tablet.

A new Files app is the flag bearer of this wave of changes, but there’s much more. The dock on the iPad is much wider and larger, making it seem more like a Mac dock than an old iPad one.

Split screen and Quickype keyboards are also parts of the update. They make the iPad a device much easier to use and much more accommodated to children and people with no further technological knowledge.


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