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Intel-discontinues using their patches and fixing chip bugs

Intel-discontinues using their patches and fixing chip bugs


Many of us may already know, but of course, some of us haven’t heard about these newly famous bugs which have been wreaking havoc on our laptops, tabs, and smartphones. Their names are Meltdown and Spectre they are a result of flaws in the hardware. Tech manufacturers in their quest to create smarter and faster computers have accidentally got us into a little trouble in the process.

First, let’s discuss the Meltdown bug; this little fella will melt your computer’s defenses to a pulp. After this, it will manipulate your device so that it gains access to all your memory without your permission. Even worse it doesn’t raise any suspicion when does so!

The Spectre bug security breach is a lot similar to Meltdown, which is why they’re always mentioned together. Spectre works heavily on the CPU function that makes our modern computers faster which is branch prediction. This happens when your computer keeps predicting the next function and when it guesses right the process speeds up.

Unfortunately, sometimes those predictions contain crucial information like your bank details and other login data such as email and social media passwords and usernames. The crucial information is accessed by non-friendly third parties like cybercriminals using malware.

This security disaster affects almost all mainstream devices whether it is your smartphone, tablet and especially your computer. This is why many of the big tech companies have been busy trying to get a solution. But as we’re still waiting they have also been working hard at rolling out patches and updates that will help mitigate the risks for us.

Intel is one of those companies, whose chips were hit the hardest. And now the scary part is that even these patches that are rolling out also seem to be faulty… Intel’s patches are making computers restart way too often and there have been reports of other malfunctions it’s generating.

Recently, Navin Shenoy an executive at Intel said they have found the problem with their patches that was making computers reboot a lot. Shenoy said that they have also come up with a solution for it but it is still being tested. He also urged Intel’s partners to help in testing this new solution so it can be released to the public before it’s too late.

Shenoy recommended ditching the faulty patches before they do more damage. He even added a list on the company’s website that tells us which of their products are at risk. So you could go and have a look to see if your device’s processor is on that list.

There have been some complaints too about these patches slowing down computers. Intel, however, denied these claims and said their patches had only been faulty and didn’t have anything to do with the reported speed drops. Other major tech companies including Google and Apple also vouched for Intel. Saying that it’s almost impossible that users would have noticed any negative change in their device’s speeds.

However, an executive from Microsoft said that Intel patch may be able to reduce speeds in older Windows OS’s. Another prominent figure in the tech world said that the patches were “rubbish” since day one. He said this is because they had to be activated manually.

As per his statement, Intel ensured the patches have automatic activation, computing speeds would’ve been worse. He said that Intel knew this and deliberately designed the patches this way to save face.


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