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Instagram takes its Snapchat imitation to a new level

Instagram takes its Snapchat imitation to a new level


Instagram continues to add new features and its app keeps improving. Now, Instagram has just added Snapchat style face filters. It seems that Instagram re-copied Snapchat’s ideas because facial filters have always been one of the strengths of his rival.

Facial filters were the only thing that differentiated one application from another. This feature was the main reason why people were still using Snapchat for customizations in photos, including facial filters and voice changes.

At the moment, Instagram has only released 8 facial filters, (which in fact are not too attractive); but it is clear that little by little it will incorporate more. A new smiley face icon appears when taking a photo or video to apply filters, which are also compatible with Instagram Boomerang.

After copying Snapchat Stories with great success, Instagram now imitates its face filters. Here are some examples which are all fun and casual, but not as funny as of the app that has been “inspired”:



Instagram proposes other features besides the facial filters. For example, Rewind mode allows you to upload a short video, which will play backwards.

On the other hand, Instagram let users add hashtags inside the images. A very creative erase function also appears – it serves to erase what we have drawn or written.

If you use a color before then hold the screen, it will cover the entire image. With the deletion tool you can show the parts that interest you and achieve a very original style:



The new Instagram face filters are interesting, but we’re surprised that the amazing MSQRD masks have not been included. Since Facebook currently owns MSQRD, it would make sense to take advantage of its technology to add it to Instagram.

The Instagram update that allows face filters is already reaching Android and iPhone users, so it’s a matter of days that this Snapchat-like feature is available to all users.

We hope you liked the new features of the latest version of Instagram and see if in the future the application continues to dethrone other social networks by copying their tactics or not.

What do you think of the new Instagram facial filters? Do you like to be imitated by Snapchat, or would you have preferred other masks?

What did you think of this update? Plagiarism or not? Comment below!


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