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How to Record Your Screen on an iPhone & iPad

How to Record Your Screen on an iPhone & iPad


Would you like to add your comments to a video you shot of your family? What about adding some music too? Maybe you’d like to record something you’re watching but don’t want to download it. It’s simple to do. You just need to set up your device to allow for Screen Recording.

Apple has made it simple to record your screen from these devices without having to connect to a Mac. It used to be quite a technical process, but now it’s super easy. Screen recording is useful if you want to record something that you can’t download. It is available for iOS 11 operating system. It’s not available on Android, but you can find apps that allow you to record your screen.

It’s used by game video bloggers or useful if you need to capture errors for troubleshooting problems or add sound to a video. On iOS, you can add the microphone feature into your recording allowing external audio. Add your commentary, music, and dialogue. It’s a few clicks away! Set up is very easy.

  1. You need to add “Screen Recording” to Control Centre

The Control Centre is the panel you swish up to access the flashlight, screen brightness or Airplane mode. To add the Screen Recording icon here, you need to go to Settings. You’re creating a shortcut to this feature, Open it and choose Customize Controls. On the next menu look for Screen Recording under the More Controls heading and press the green “+” icon. The Control Centre allows for four icons to be displayed.

  1. Recording Your Screen

Firstly head to the app you want to use and open it. You don’t start recording until you are at the right place. Now open the Control Centre panel. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On an iPhone X swipe down from the upper right-hand corner. If you’re using an iPad, you can double-click the Home button.

Look for the Screen Recording icon – it’s a smaller circle inside a bigger one. Tap the icon, and it will count down with a 3-second timer. Once it starts the recording operation, the status bar will change to red.

If you want to add external audio you need to tap the 3D Touch on the Screen Recording icon and select Microphone Audio. It will then say “Microphone Audio On.” You’re all set, tap Start Recording.

By default, iOS will record picture and sound but not external noise. That is a separate feature that you need to “switch on” before you start recording.

  1. Stop Recording

There are two ways to stop your recording. You can open the Control Centre and tap the Screen Recording icon, or you can tap the red status bar. It will bring up the dialogue box, and you select Stop Recording.

Either option will end your Recording. Remember that the microphone is very sensitive. You don’t want your neighbor’s noisy dog to be part of your commentary, choose a quiet place to record sound. Warn your family, if you are working at home. You don’t need a knock on the door and your conversation to be included.

  1. Viewing & Editing

You can see your Screen Recording video in My Photos. You can edit it, change the length and save it as a new file if you need to. Upload directly to your social media, shame to Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox.

You need to have iOS 11 to access this feature. It’s not available on Android, but there are free apps that you can download to record your screen. Remember you will need to turn your microphone on to add external audio and that the microphone is very sensitive. Once you’ve added it to your control Centre, Screen Recording will be a simple swipe away.



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