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How to Enable Voice Dictation on iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows

How to Enable Voice Dictation on iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows


Both iOS and Windows offer built in voice to text options. Accuracy is not 100%, but even 90% will keep you from carpal tunnel syndrome if you have a lot of typing to do.

How to Enable Voice Dictation for Windows

Windows has a built in Speech Recognition program that allows you to both operate your pc or dictate speech. It’s a key feature for users who are disabled.

Windows 7: click the Start menu > All programs > Accessories> Ease of Access> Windows Speech Recognition.

Windows 8: choose the Win key (Resembles a window.) + Q. In the search box type: speech recognition and click on a Windows Speech Recognition.

Windows 10: Control Panel > Ease of Access > Speech Recognition> Start Speech Recognition.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Microphone to enable listening mode or say: “Start listening.”
  2. Go to the program you want to use or area you are working.
  3. Say the text aloud.
  4. To edit the last thing you said, say: “correct that.”
  5. Depending on your version of Windows you can change the English language options: U.K., USA, India, etc.


To start a new line, you say “new line.” To start and stop listening – “start listening” or “stop listening.” There is a new Dictation program in Windows 10, but it’s limited to US English. (Windows Fall Creators Update) The shortcut key is Win + H from a pc.

How to Enable Voice Dictation for Mac iOS

Using your voice to type is very simple.

  1. Open the Apple Menu> System Preferences > Keyboard> Dictation
  2. Turn on by clicking the button.
  3. Check Use Enhance Dictation. To activate this feature, you need 433 MB on your hard drive. It allows you to dictate when you are offline.
  4. You can also select a shortcut key from the drop-down menu. The default is Fn twice. You may prefer to make a custom binding.


You can use voice commands to edit your work. You can also make a voice command to start dictation. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility>Dictation > Check: Enable the dictation keyword phrase. Voila! Similarly to Windows, you can “go to the beginning”; “replace ‘this’ with ‘that” and “stop dictation.”

It has been reported that, depending on your accent, there may be some words that are problematic, however. Using a headset is more efficient than using the built-in microphone and accuracy is more magnificent.

How to Enable Voice Dictation on Android Devices

You don’t need to change any settings. Just press the microphone key – on a Google keyboard, it should be on the top right. Select the microphone and start talking. Google will do the hard work for you. You will need to check for accuracy as there may be errors. If there is no built-in microphone:

  1. Go to Settings > Language and Input > Text to Speech Output
  2. Choose Gboard as your keyboard. (It may not be enabled.)
  3. Download from Google Playif if it is not listed.

How to Enable Voice Dictation on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Merely open the keyboard and tap the microphone. Tap on enable dictation if it hasn’t already gets set. This was tested on a first generation iPad Pro with excellent feedback. In fact, the iPad Pro had better results than a Mac. The microphone is very sensitive and records words very quickly there are a unique feature as well. The iPad will re-edit your words to try to contextualize the meaning. It may look strange as you are working, but when you are finished, it will try to edit your speech.

The documents will not be perfect however it will be pretty close. You can save a lot of time by using your voice to type your text and go back and edit.



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