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How To Connect iPhone to WiFi!

How To Connect iPhone to WiFi!


Connecting to a WiFi network of your choice sounds pretty easy……because it really is. For an average user, connecting to a network is as easy as slicing the bar opposite ‘Wi-Fi’ in Settings to ‘On/green’. But for many other iPhone users (like me, a few days back), the reverse is true.

Many folks experience a great deal of trouble connecting to WiFi, even after trying various dangerous fixes. Some iPhones simply grey out the WiFi slider, leaving it unresponsive. Other iPhones stay in ‘connecting’ mode without ever really completing the process.

Any iPhone user would know; connecting to WiFi is practically unavoidable – if only for the iOS updates, video streaming and faster downloads – which makes this terribly frustrating.

Your case probably falls under one of these:

  1. Can’t connect to any network around you
  2. Connects to every other network, except your home network.
  3. Connects to only some specific networks.
  4. Phone starts connecting but never really connects.
  5. Connects on and off

If your phone is having trouble connecting to a WiFi network, as usual, it could be anything from a software bug to hardware malfunction. It could also be the router you’re connecting to that’s having trouble. Try these tricks to connect your iPhone to WiFi again.

Turn the WiFi on

The first method you should use is the basic one. Activate your WiFi, and make sure airplane mode is switched off. You can search for available networks and tap on the one of interest. If it is a protected hotspot, you will need a password. If the network fails to connect, try another option.

Alternatively, turn the Wi-Fi off and on again. If that fails, try the next step.

Restart your iPhone and WiFi router

If the usual process doesn’t enable WiFi connection, restart both your phone and WiFi router (plug out the router and then back in). Sometimes, the phone needs to start afresh to work as expected and maybe the only one that needs a restart.

Move closer to the source of the WiFi

Some WiFi hotspots cover a rather short area, especially if they aren’t intended for public use. You will notice that such networks disconnect as you walk in particular directions. Moving closer to the source (the router) is one way to improve the connection.

Try ‘forgetting’ the network.

If a particular WiFi network isn’t connecting, select it and choose ‘Forget Network’. Search again for new networks, and tap on your network of choice when it appears again.

Reset the network settings

This method works well for both failed connections and phones failing to show available networks. Resetting your network settings will delete all the WiFi networks you’ve saved in the past, along with their passwords and other preferences. You can then start afresh by searching for new networks.

Update your software

Apple releases regular iOS updates, and some of them are designed to improve such connectivity issues. Get manual updates, or opt for auto updates to get the latest release.

Contact Apple support

If none of these steps above work for you, reach out to Apple Support at your nearest Apple store or contact them online. Their engineers will be able to determine if it’s a hardware problem or something less complex.

The Hot-Cold Treatment

This method is listed last because of its destructive nature. It has worked for lots of people, so it’s definitely worth a try. It involves blow drying your iPhone until it sends an overheating warning. You then wrap it in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

You can then restart it and try connecting to WiFi again. Many users report having got positive results from this method, but try it as a final card.

Formatting your iPhone is another option, but one I don’t recommend. Formatting erases all your data and resets your iPhone to its new-and-out-of-the-box factory settings, but may not really correct your WiFi troubles. If you’ve got your data fully backed up to iCloud, you can still try this alternative and restore your system as it was even if the WiFi doesn’t work.

The Final Word

Finally, if you are not able to fix this problem, we suggest you to visit http://fixyourphone.ca/. This site is a one-stop shop for all problems. The technicians appointed here are well-versed to provide one of the best solutions.



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