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Hitlist is finally on Android!

Hitlist is finally on Android!


Your trip to your dream destination just got sorted. Hitlist, the popular platform for finding and organizing deals on flights just settled into the Google Play Store. Previously, the company’s services could only be accessed through its iOS app and Wandertab Chrome extension.

Both options left out the Android platform, whose users currently make up a large cut of smartphone users across the world. Gillian Morris, CEO of Hitlist’s parent company TripCommon revealed in a statement that the company has always wanted to reach out to its fans using Android from the very beginning. She said in part, “We’ve always wanted to have apps out there for both major platforms.”

So what took the move this long to happen? As it turns out, the Android OS’s technical requirements have always been something of a major hurdle for Hitlist’s developers, who found more success in the beginning with the iOS platform.

To clarify this, she added “Android is more complicated to support thanks to the variety of screen sizes and versions.” She revealed further that their plans to move to Android were heightened by requests from fans of the app, who wanted an Android version that worked as well as the highly successful Wandertab extension.

Some users had shifted from the iOS platform to the Android platform, which only brought them more difficulty especially when accessing their travel destinations. By the look of things, the move scored the perfect timing in both design and strategy. As of now, the new Android app boasts over 5000+ downloads, a feat achieved within a fortnight of its arrival on the Google Play Store.

The first release, as with any other app, has been mostly stable, with only a few bugs here and there that its developers have already promised to fix.

Hitlist was first released in beta mode in 2013, the first product of the 2012 travel start-up, TripCommon. Its services have since included giving users access to hundreds of cheap flights, organizing flights to allow users see millions of flight prices within minutes and offering travel inspiration. In the literal sense, Hitlist does the rough work of finding and organizing hundreds of available flights to the user’s preferred travel destination, based on their home airport.

Hitlist joins an ever-growing list of Android apps that offer online flight planning services with more or less the same strategy and set of features. Hitlist has plans to stand out though. The company plans to make the flight search and planning process smoother, simpler and easier by incorporating the flexibility that most online flight planners do not currently allow their users.

One example really stands out. Unlike many online flight planner apps which only allow users to plan for trips on specific dates, Hitlist allows its users to pick and plan for destinations they wish to visit without setting a specific date of travel.

The app then sends you immediate notifications and updates on drops in flight prices and new deals related to your destination, including last-minute getaway deals. As a result, many Hitlist users highlight a number of destinations every year and then prepare to travel at any time should the price drop to a favourable fee.

The new Android app will now make this possible for Android phone users, having provided the service to iOS and Chrome users over the years. With the new app, you can still plan a trip based on your interest, get automatic notifications of cheap flight deals, explore new destinations on your mobile and put them on your travel list.

The app also lets you discover where your friends have been traveling by integrating Facebook, in addition to allowing you track hundreds of flight prices on the go so that you get notifications when a hot deal comes up.

Following its success with iOS users and the Google Chrome extension, the Hitlist Android app is sure to catch up really fast. Its developers are always on the lookout for feedback and complaints in the Play Store comments section, and they always reply to them quickly and professionally. You can be sure that its fans will make its success possible; if the ever-growing downloads are anything to go by.


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