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Here are a few pointers for smartphone manufacturers in 2018

Here are a few pointers for smartphone manufacturers in 2018


Smartphones are without a doubt like our friends. In fact, a lot of people spend a lot of time with their smartphone than with any other human. But even though we seem to spend a lot of time with these little guys, they don’t always match up to our expectations. Which is why we’ll list a few common problems many of us would like solved in smartphones this year.

First of all, we’ve seen a lot of new phones lately sporting this new “bezel-less” design. Although this design does make smartphones look more elegant and efficient. This comes with a very high price and we’re not just referring to the actual price tag. Less bezel space always leads to smartphones being more accident prone and if manufacturers can actually find common ground between these two, which would be perfect!

Another thing that has to be dealt with is the average smartphones RAM. Although there are ways to help you cope with your phone freezing up or just generally being slow. Not having to turn your device off and on would be great. Not that we expect to get smartphones with computer sized temporary storage though…

Thirdly we’d be happier to get more onboard storage on our smartphones. That just goes without saying, we want more space! No, we need more space! And don’t ask us what it’s for because we use it for many different reasons whether it’s for keeping our photos, apps or music. There’s a good reason why a need for the external storage industry arose…

Also, when it comes to apps I’ve experienced this myself and I’m sure you have to. Some apps don’t really work that well when it comes to some smartphones then when used on other models. This is why manufacturers and app developers should look out for this in 2018 and make sure that their apps or devices work well together. All of them at that!

Android smartphone users have also been complaining a lot about the new Android Oreo. Some say it’s been making their Bluetooth feature malfunction and others say the OS is hogging their phone’s battery. Other nuisance the Oreo has been making is tampering with features like volume and even mobile data in some smartphones!

We also would like to see how tech companies will be making use of artificial intelligence technology on their smartphones. I know this will be interesting especially with the fact that we already have Google Assistant! More could be done to incorporate AI into mainstream smartphone technology though and we’ll be keeping an eye out for that this year!

Another thing smartphone makers could keep in mind is making their support more file extensions. Not all of us like having to download a certain app just so we can open up a certain type of file. And what if I don’t have my laptop around and I really have to open a “not supported” file on my mobile?


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