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Google to Launch New Update to Fix Buzzing and Random Rebooting on Pixel 2 and 2 XL

Google to Launch New Update to Fix Buzzing and Random Rebooting on Pixel 2 and 2 XL


Although Google’s new Pixel 2 handset has received solid reviews, the device has had numerous glitches since its release. These have included the phone’s color calibration and the burn-in issue. The latest glitch has been an annoying buzzing sound that Pixel 2 users are hearing during calls. This current glitch is not to be mistaken for the ‘clicking’ sound issue that was addressed in a previous update. Another reported glitch, yet to be fixed, is the random rebooting of the devices. Yes, it truly has been a series of glitches this last year; and Google is yet to have a break.

A company representative commented on a Google community board that the issues would be fixed in a software update. The update will be launched in “the coming weeks”. It has only been a few weeks since Google posted about an upcoming software update for issues regarding the display on the Pixel 2 XL.

What Exactly Did the Previous Update Fix?

  • Display Glitches

Although the company wrote that there was nothing actually wrong with the screen, they said would still fix it. This, of course, suggested there might actually be something amiss.

Early reports of full-on burn-in and image retention were perhaps the biggest controversies surrounding the Pixel 2 XL. Image retention is when graphics remain faintly on the screen for a while after switching the display off. This wasn’t much of an annoyance to user users, who were more upset about the burn-in. This is similar to image retention, except the effects do not disappear.

Although burn-in is a characteristic of the OLED display at this point, it should not appear within the first 2 weeks f your purchase, at least. Other complaints regarding the screen were about the display appearing too dull. Although the saturation and color of a phone’s display is a personal decision, many users requested that Google make it brighter. To please everyone, the update gives users options to customize the display’s color and saturation to their own preference.

  • Audio Glitches

Pixel users might recall that Google’s first-gen devices also had various problems with sound. With the current Pixel audio issues, it’s clear that the company has to refine its skills before releasing a flaw-free handset. This is especially true in terms of the audio experience.

Of the audio issues on the Pixel 2, the most peculiar is a “clicking” noise heard through the earpiece during a call. The noise was only present on some phones and during some calls, but it was occurring enough to warrant a software fix. If the issue persists beyond the update then it is likely a hardware problem you should bring up to Google Support. Unfortunately, the audio glitches haven’t stopped with the November update and now continue in the form of ‘buzzing’. This issue will be addressed in the upcoming over the air software update, along with some other reported glitches.

  • What Will The New Update Fix

What’s clear so far is that the Pixel 2 is not close to being the incredible device we hoped it would be. Furthermore, it’s definitely going to take a while for Google to work on their device-making skills to earn back its follower’s trust. Following its November security update, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL came in the news once again. This time it was for their random rebooting. The LTE modem is believed to be the cause of this.

A spokesperson for the company has acknowledged the issue and confirmed that a fix would be released soon. Users have said the issue persists even after a factory reset of the device. Along with addressing the random rebooting glitch, the update will also target the ‘buzzing’ noise heard during calls.

It has definitely been a tough launch for Google. Although many users are thrilled with their Pixel 2 devices, there are as many experiencing at least one of these glitches. However, the company has responded swiftly to the issues thus far, and that’s worth noting.





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