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“Google Lens” Is Canada-Bound As Google Files For Trademark

“Google Lens” Is Canada-Bound As Google Files For Trademark


Canada is waiting with bated breath as “Google Lens” might be landing in the far North. Google filed a trademark on July, 18th.

The application was later formalized on July, 25th. With this, Canada can look forward to Google’s real-life scan and search software, to visually search objects and places.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). It uses a smartphone camera together with deep machine learning to detect objects as well as understand what it is detecting to offer actions based on what it is seeing.

A super-powered version of Google Goggles, Google Lens is similar to Samsung’s Bixby Vision launched on their Galaxy S8.

Google Lens will enable users to point their smartphone’s camera at specific objects, like a flower for example, and ask Google Assistant what the object is, to which your assistant will give you the answer down to the species.

It will also make suggestions based on the object you have selected. In this case, you will get suggestions of various florists in the nearby area. It can also identify animals, like your cat or dog and supply you with relevant information about your furry friend.

Other cool things that Google Lens can do include reading a complex Wi-Fi password using your smartphone’s camera, after which it will automatically log you into the given network.

Additionally, you can flash your camera at a physical retail store or restaurant across the street and receive reviews and other useful information about the outlet. Just like that- quick and simple.

Google Lens and Artificial Intelligence

The way Google is making use of AI means that it can be better incorporated into the physical world. In essence, it is Google’s adaptation of a search box, appealing to the younger generation of visually-driven technology users.

Google is living up to their reputation and expectations from users. We expect to use Google platforms to retrieve information, and that is exactly what Lens is doing. It is just doing it in a new and augmented reality type-of-way.

How Does Google Lens Compete with Voice Search?

This new way of searching visually, in a way, can be compared to voice search. Voice searches often result in simply returning readouts of what is at the top of the search, and often returning inaccurate answers that are lacking in context or even just plain offensive.

Incorporation with Photos

Google has cleverly incorporated Lens into Photos, one of their most-used apps, with over half a billion users. This will make Google’s mobile apps more essential, help Google to become more necessary to mobile users in the near future. At the end of the day, this will give Google a place on most users’ phones.

A Move to Less Device-Centric

The introduction of Google Lens, according to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, will allow a shift to occur in order for Google to become an AI-first company.

This will ultimately mean that computing is less device-centric. Google Lens is a prime example of being less device-centric on mobile.

According to Google, this technology is nothing new to the industry. However, this does not mean that Google is pulling at straws for new technologies. It means that they are not yet finished with putting together new ideas and useful products with current technologies.

What does the Trademark Mean for Canada?

The details of the trademark were classified as being software for accessing and searching online website and databases using image capture.

Additionally, the classification includes that it is image and/or character recognition software. The software is used for searching data on electronic communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices.

By obtaining this trademark for the Canadian region, Google Lens will be available to users to experience all the wonders of this Artificial Intelligence technology.

Something Worth Looking Forward To

Google Lens was announced at Google’s I/O conference earlier in 2017 and introduced as an object identification application. The app will give users the ability to scan real-world objects as well as images which will act as a search function via Google Assistant



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