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Google launches new Pixelbook 4 in 1 laptop with Google Assistant

Google launches new Pixelbook 4 in 1 laptop with Google Assistant


Google has decided to create an all-new convertible laptop. You can use it as an ordinary laptop and just fold it to watch movies and videos. You also can use it as a tabletop or flip it over to enable its “tent mode”.

The Pixelbook has a beautiful HD 720p webcam and a touchscreen which is 12.3 inches having an aspect ratio of 3:2. It also includes a soft touch keyboard with

backlighting. At a mere 10.3mm thin the Pixelbook is the thinnest laptop thus far. It is also the most portable laptop, weighing at around 1 kilogram only.

This beauty is powered by a 7th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor. Google also has used some neat new touch-processing algorithms to perfect the Pixelbook’s trackpad. Security has also been beefed with a TPM chip plus the device’s tamper-proof design.

This laptop has an 8 GB RAM with the options going up to 16 GB’s of RAM. On-board device storage goes up to a magnificent 512 GB! Pixelbook uses Chrome OS and the software automatically updates when you’re online. Google Play is also compatible with the OS so you sure won’t be missing out on all your favourite apps! Even better, Google Drive on Pixelbook automatically saves your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets even without an Internet connection!

Even when you’re in a situation where there is an urgent email you have to send now and there aren’t any WiFi connections around. Pixelbook has got your back! As long as you have a Pixel phone, you can seamlessly connect using it to the Internet. Without creating a WiFi hotspot!

Now comes the most important part of any device… The battery! Well, here the Pixelbook boasts a 41w battery which lasts for 10 full hours! There is also a fast charging option and for every 15 minutes, you charge using it. You get 2 hours of runtime from the laptop!

The Pixelbook is the very first laptop to have Google Assistant. There is a special key for the Assistant too, built-in the device. You could also just say “OK Google “if you don’t really feel like pressing the button.

Google Assistant almost has all other virtual assistants but more. Besides just opening apps, reading you the news and giving advice on what to do your next holiday. Google Assistant can actually engage in a conversation and has no problem answering follow-up questions! How cool is that for a laptop!

Although many Chrome books are still suffering to get compatible apps and games. There are still a few great games that will keep you playing for hours without any hassle. Fallout Shelter and Asphalt Airborne 8 are probably the best but NBA JAM and Super Mario Run will also be fun to play.

You have three choices of Pixel books to choose from. The first one is $999 with an i5 Intel Core, 8 Gigs of RAM and 128 Gigs of on-board space. The second one comes with a price tag of $1199 also with an i5 Intel Core and 8 Gigs of RAM but on-board memory is up to 256 GB this time. Finally, we have one that goes for $1649; this one has an i7 Core, 16 Gigs of RAM and 512 GB of on-board memory.

You can also buy a Pixelbook Pen for an extra $99. This pen has a pressure sensor and is the best tool for digital writing and drawing. There’s even an app for drawing called Infinite Painter and the best part is that the Pixelbook Pen has zero lag!

Many critics and tech enthusiasts from different sources have given the Pixelbook thumbs up and an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars! Although there’s still a long way to go before Chrome books become the boss. The Google Pixelbook surely does restore a lot of faith in me on the Chrome books; let’s just hope Google keeps up the good work!



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