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Google is Testing a ‘Search Lite’ App For Countries With Slow Connections

Google is Testing a ‘Search Lite’ App For Countries With Slow Connections


Google does not want to give you an excuse  not to use their mobile search application. It is for this reason that in India and Indonesia,  users have been testing out the new “Search Lite” app.

Google is testing a Lite version of its search app

Although mid-range phones are becoming more affordable and offer better performance in terms of RAM and internal storage, many smartphone users are still using low-end phones with little internal storage.

Those of us with smartphones, know that Google services are not at all light and require a lot of storage, which is scarce in the lower end  phones, with slow connections. Developers belonging to the big G have decided to create a light version of their search application.

As detailed by Android Policies, users from India and Indonesia have been invited by the developer to download and test an experimental beta of the Google Search Lite application. If confirmed, it would add to the template of applications that offer limited functionality to users with scarce resources in their smartphones.

This app is basically a light variant of its original version and is designed to load faster and consume less data in areas where there are slow connections or are frequently interrupted.

It is currently only available in English and occupies less than 10 MB on mobile devices. In addition, it offers content available without Internet connection and also an interface adapted this mode of Lite applications.

Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about Google’s plans for this new app and a potential global launch. As mentioned, it is only available to invited users from these two Asian countries. Thinking about a Lite version of the search engine can be an interesting alternative for many.


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