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Google Is Reportedly Removing “Ok Google” Voice Search From Chromebooks

Google Is Reportedly Removing “Ok Google” Voice Search From Chromebooks


“Ok Google” is the function on Google that allows you to perform a voice searches, but has long been buried within Chromebooks. According to a Chrome Unboxed report, the company is preparing to eliminate “Ok Google” with an upcoming version of the Chrome OS operating system, designed by Google and based on Gentoo Linux.

Some reports say that Google is working to add its own digital assistant to a possible new model.

Among the various Chrome OS settings, you can activate the popular “Ok Google” hot-word to invoke voice search. This is a feature inherited from Android, which, however, may soon be removed by the Chrome OS development team in favor of other solutions.

Google has decided to remove the voice activation of the search using the phrase “OK Google” on all Chromebooks. Such renunciation will be realized in the upcoming updates of the system, which will disable the function, but not everything is lost for users who are dedicated to voice commands.

The news comes after a Chrome Unboxed report that Google will shut down this feature with a future operating system update. This, according to recent speculations, would be due to the intention to introduce Assistant also to Chrome OS, which should take place on the much discussed Chromebook Eve.

According to Chrome Unboxed, Assistant’s debut on Eve will be through the introduction of a dedicated function key, which could then be extended to all future generations of Chromebooks.

For now there is still no confirmation regarding any other new changes. The only thing certain is that the relationship between “OK Google” and Chrome OS is over, and we have to wait to figure out what the future will hold us.



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