Home Brands GOOGLE Google Is Buying Part Of HTC’s Smartphone Team For $1.1 Billion
Google Is Buying Part Of HTC’s Smartphone Team For $1.1 Billion

Google Is Buying Part Of HTC’s Smartphone Team For $1.1 Billion


Where it all began, now it continues and we are witnessing it unravel. Google has officially managed to get the talent influx they desperately needed. This big buy isn’t a license purchase, nor an acquisition. It’s more of a talent investment, for both the short and the long run.

About 2.000 key HTC technicians are traveling from Taiwan to the Silicon Valley. There, they will become an integral part of Google.

Acquiring talent is low-key the most significant part of the smartphone industry. It’s the experts behind the brand name who really matter. Year-round we see technicians and department chiefs migrating to other companies. What Google did now isn’t so frequent. It shows their unyielding incentive concerning breaking into the smartphone market.

What does this pairing mean? What kind of boom will it make? These are all excellent questions. Some answers may become known later on. We’ll try to cover the basics and give you a heads-up for things to come.

A beneficial pairing

Although this might seem like a robbery conducted by Google, it isn’t at all. HTC will continue their business normally, with an added financial influx. Cher Wang, the HTC CEO, has stated that the company is ecstatic about the deal. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re always a prospective company with good and valuable ideas. Now, they will get an incredible financial influx.

Google will also get their benefits, in a stellar way. They’ve been ruling the software market for a good decade or so. The only part they’ve been missing is good hardware support. After many unsuccessful attempts, Google seeks to follow up the Pixel with a worthy sibling.

If this partnership takes off the way it should, the smartphone market will have a different landscape. This is because of a multitude of reasons.

Parity in the making

Today’s tech market is the best of all time, without a doubt. So many options, innovations and choices for everyone. What’s the only thing that’s missing? Parity, of course. Whether we like it or not, we have to come to terms with certain facts. We live in an Apple-Samsung dominated market.

By accepting this, we move on to accept even more crucial facts. Even though we have more manufacturers than ever, it’s still not quite right. We live in a tech world dominated by prestige. No matter how innovative a company is, it can’t battle the prestige of Apple and Samsung.

Google has the prestige a future phone needs. HTC has the hardware to go to war with any manufacturer. Together, they will form a unique partnership. Because these 2.000 technicians are a part of Google now, a third player is about to enter the market.

Even though Google has released Pixel and Pixel XL, it wasn’t the real priority like this project is. If the duopoly of the Apple-Samsung duo gets broken up, Canada will see a new dawn in phone diversity.

A motivating factor for everyone

Google is the synonym for software excellence. By “purchasing” these high-end technicians, they secure the hardware part of their project. The phones will most likely release under their license. A small, but significant detail is the “non-exclusive” right to the entire intellectual property of HTC.

This gives Google a lot of patents to work with. An important saying in the entrepreneurial world is – It’s not about the invention itself, but how you use it. Google has always worked well with limited resources before. Now, they will have the option of adding premium hardware to the already premium software.

If these hypothetical models become reality, it’s good news for everyone. Other manufacturers will derive increased competitions. Apple, Samsung and other companies will be forced to drive prices down. Not only that, but Google will strike fear into the bones of competitive technicians. Everyone will want to up their innovations all of a sudden.

A three-headed monster is better than a two-headed one. Such a change in the smartphone market is good news for everyone. Canadian carriers like Telus will surely catch on. This will result in a better offer and more customers for everyone. The proverbial win-win, don’t you say?


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