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Flickr’s Most Popular Cameras of 2017: Dominated by iPhone with 54% of Top 100 Devices

Flickr’s Most Popular Cameras of 2017: Dominated by iPhone with 54% of Top 100 Devices


The Flickr community has once again favoured Apple in their annual list of top camera rankings as well as top photos for the year. The iPhone camera is once again the most popular camera according to a report by Flickr which analyses activity by the users of the photo-sharing site. Smartphones have changed the way we take photos, with an always-ready option. Now, not only is the iPhone one of the most popular smartphone devices, but it is the most popular camera too.

The iPhone camera beat out popular camera brands Canon and Nikon, which placed second and third, respectively on this years’ list of favourites. Flickr found that iPhone cameras accounted for 54% of devices in the top 100 for 2017. Additionally, the top 10 devices were all iPhone models.

With a sizeable community reaching over 75 million users, Flickr can confidently offer a good idea of what device people are using and what devices they prefer to use for taking photos. iPhone has consistently been the top device of choice for the Flickr community which indicates that consumers are moving away from the traditional point-and-shoot cameras for their everyday use to take photos. In addition, a vast majority of professional photographers are also turning to the iPhone to capture higher-quality images. This is all thanks to the improvements Apple has made to their smartphone cameras as of late.

In fact, Apple’s central focus when it comes to their smartphones has been on the camera system. Over the years, Apple has focused their technological advancements in this direction and as a result, has earned them a spot at the top. It has also become the main reason for users to upgrade their devices continually to the latest model of iPhone. 2017 see the release of two new iPhone models namely, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, giving users, even more, reason to upgrade.

Where does Flickr stand?

This year alone, iPhone has managed to score the majority of usage on Flickr with 54%. This is up from 2016’s score of only 46% in the top 100 devices, and 2015’s score of 42%. In 2014, iPhone also managed to surpass popular camera brand, Nikon to reach second place on the list of the popular cameras.

This year, the Nikon brand placed third on the list of popularity, taking up 18% of the rankings. Canon, in second place, made up 23% of a camera on the list of the top 100 for 2017.

In addition to taking the top spot and a vast majority of the rest of the list, iPhone as also turned heads with Flickr users as it has been acknowledged for its impact in the industry in general. Smartphones have made a great impact in the photography industry as they have become the most dominant and preferred device for photography in terms of upload volume on Flickr as well as Flickr notes.

Over the last year, smartphones have accounted for a total of 50% of all photos that have been uploaded to Flickr. This is a substantial increase on last year’s total of just 48%. Surprisingly, there has also been an increase in the use of the DSLR camera with uploads increasing from 25% in 2016 to 33% in 2017.

Point-and-shoot cameras are thus, beginning to phase out as smartphones and DSLR cameras continue to become more and more popular devices for photography. Point-and-Shoot camera has experienced the biggest drop in users this year, with a 12% drop from the 48% they scored in 2016. This massive decline means that point-and-shoot devices are only accounting for 36% of photographic devices on Flickr’s list of the most popular.  That being said, the rare mirror-less cameras remained with a popularity of only 4% of total Flickr uploads. This figure has remained steady at 4% for the past three years now.


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