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Firefox Quantum Challenges Chrome in Browser Speed

Firefox Quantum Challenges Chrome in Browser Speed


Firefox launches a beta of its new version called Quantum, which promises to be twice as fast as the previous version.

The new version of the Firefox browser called Quantum promises to double the speed of your current browser or at least that’s what benchmarks would be showing.

After announcing plans to develop the Quantum project at the end of last year, Mozilla has now released the beta version of Firefox Quantum, making it an increasingly imminent challenge for Chrome. And it’s a very feasible challenge as well, given the browser improvements. Speed is its main selling point, as Mozilla says that Quantum is about twice as fast as the Firefox version of the previous year.

This is due in large part to a new CSS engine written in the Mozilla programming language, called Rust, which operates through several kernels rather than as a single process in a single kernel. It has also improved the management of the tabs, rearranging the priorities of each one depending on each user. This makes the new Quantum version of Firefox approximately 30 percent more efficient in the use of RAM memory than its competitor Chrome. The team has also tracked and eliminated 469 bugs that were contributing to the slowness of the browser in their previous versions.

The menus and tabs have been redesigned, while a new “library” button combines bookmarks, downloads and history in one place.

Overall, it has a more minimalist look, which will work well on high definition screens, but fans of the original style will still be able to switch to familiar preferences.

Currently available in beta for Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS, but is expected to be released officially and with the final version on November 14, so you will not have to wait too long to see the impact that will have Quantum in the segment of web browsers.

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