Home Brands APPLE FCC Granted Permission To Apple To Test Multi-Gigabit 5G Technology – Redefining The Architecture Of Emerging Technologies
FCC Granted Permission To Apple To Test Multi-Gigabit 5G Technology – Redefining The Architecture Of Emerging Technologies

FCC Granted Permission To Apple To Test Multi-Gigabit 5G Technology – Redefining The Architecture Of Emerging Technologies


Redefining the architecture of emerging technologies is necessary to cope with the changing demands of the wireless communication industry. Apple, the leader has received permission to begin the testing of 5G technology. It simply means that Apple is gearing up to meet the expectations of its users when the 5G rolls out for everyone.

FCC or the Federal Communications Commission granted this permission. It regulates various interstate communications channels like radio, satellite, television, wire, and cable. The prominent contribution of the FCC is in focusing on the effective and efficient use of non-federal spectrum domestically as well as internationally.

5G Network – Roll Up The Sleeves To Move On from 4G to 5G

Positive transformations are amazing. For an example, switching from 2G to 3G and then from 3G to 4G network was an amazing experience although it demanded an upgrade of software and hardware at the service provider as well as end user’s end. Nevertheless, we cannot stop moving on to the next phase of perfection and Apple did the same.

Apple applied for permission to test 5G technology back in May 2017. Now that with the permission granted, Apple can test the technology for its projected deployment in the year 2020 when supposedly 5G network will be available for everyone with appropriate software and hardware support in terms of 5G compatible smart phones.

What Is In Store For You – Get Set To Hop On 28 GHz And 39 GHz

Proprietary iOS developer is planning to test the short range millimeter wave spectrum in Silicon Valley. The first location is Yosemite Drive, Milpitas and the other one is Mariani Avenue, Cupertino, near to the Apple headquarters. Further, the testing will go on for around one year. Coincidentally, 5G testing will be complete by the proposed launching of iPhone 9 in 2018.

Possibly, mobile carriers are geared up to provide 5G network until then. For an example, AT&T is testing 5G network in Austin, Texas in some cities. Apple’s testing initiative is necessary for bridging the gap between the service provider and the compatible hardware.

28GHz band is ideal for ground to space transmissions. Apple is testing 5G network on 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands. In fact, it has already hired techs with expertise in developing satellites in spite of the fact that the application to test 5G was still in the pipeline waiting for FCC approval.

In fact, various other manufacturers are equally excited about the 5G rolling out to the public. For an example, Snapdragon X50 chip from Qualcomm indicates that everyone is preparing their product base to meet the new requirements. It also means that the next generation of iPhones on 5G technology is capable of delivering ultra-fast voice and data transmission.

Various efforts indicate that the industry and every member of it are excited about 5G regardless of the fact that, 5G technology is in its early development stage. 5G has more to offer than expected ever with the immense capability of handling data transfers beyond 1Gbps speed, ubiquitous access to layer approach, and the scalable platform to meet the requirements of IoT. Let us hope that Apple and others meet the industry expectations and offer the right platform to explore the goodness of the 5G technology in the years to come.


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