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Facebook Launches New App Centered On Video Content Creation

Facebook Launches New App Centered On Video Content Creation


Facebook recently launched their Facebook Creator, which offers social media stars tools to build communities around their content. The Creator app was promised to us in June at Vidcon and is seen as an attempt to woo social media stars away from YouTube. The app is, in fact, an update and rebrand of the Facebook Mentions App launched in 2014. But, Mentions was only open to pages and verified public figures, while the new Creator App is available to everyone. Well, not everyone; the app has only been released on iOS, with its Android launch due “in the coming months”.

A Facebook for Creators website will also be launched in the near future. The site will have a frequently asked question section to advise creators and information for growing fan bases, including examples of what other influencers are doing.

The tools offered to users include a unified inbox of several Facebook’s platforms, a Live Creative Kit for intro and outro creation, cross-posting to other platforms, and more in-depth analytics. Live Creative Kit This kit offers a bunch of special features for Facebook Live. Although creators love the authenticity that live streaming offers them, being able to introduce their brand or theme would make it even better.

Facebook has finally given them what they want, and now users will be able to create their own custom intros and outros for their live broadcasts. Creators will first upload an intro of a simple welcome or theme song and an outro of their other social media details. Once uploaded, the Live Creative Kit will enable these to be set to play at the beginning and end of the live feed.

The kit also allows creators to add a custom video frame and custom reactions to the stream. The custom reactions feature allows users to replace the default emoji reactions, like “angry”, “sad”, “wow”, with a sticker of their choice. These graphics can tie in with their persona or broadcast theme, and so allows for a more immersive feel. The kit takes Facebook’s live broadcast capabilities beyond those of Twitter’s Periscope. The kit may even make Facebook a more viable option than YouTube Live.


One of the main priorities of Facebook with the launch of their Creator App seems to be keeping Facebook relevant in the sharing loop. The app’s unified inbox puts all a creator’s messages and comments from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram into one inbox. This is a handy tool because instead of having to jump between platforms, a creator will more easily be able to interact with fans. Combining Facebook and Instagram comments also makes it faster for creators to moderate comments for trolls and spam. Having a cleaner comment section and a larger community will help creators appeal to potential brands and sponsors.

As for the Stories and Camera section, creators will go here to snap and edit photos or to cross-post other platforms. The feature is meant to encourage users to create higher-quality content, while also keeping Facebook in the sharing loop.


This feature lets creators view statistics that can help inform their future content creation. Creators need to know what gets more views to know how to continue appealing to their current fans, while also growing their fan base. These analytics could also help creators to zero in on which brands might be interested in sponsoring them.

With more personal content and better communication, there is only one feature missing that may prevent creators from flocking to Facebook.

What about Monetization?

By forging deeper bonds between influencers and their fans, Facebook could profit greatly through increased video ad impressions. However, the app does not provide new ways to monetize for creators. Influencers are unable to add revenue-sharing adverts to their videos, gain subscriptions or even be tipped. The company has commented that right now they have nothing to announce with regards to monetization, but are open to exploring it.



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