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Facebook added another astonishing feature in iOS and Android platforms

Facebook added another astonishing feature in iOS and Android platforms


Good news for all the iOS and Android users: Facebook has given the final outlook to its latest feature “Find Wi-Fi”. The company had begun the testing of the above-said feature last year. At that time, it was available in selected countries, but now has been rolled out for every Facebook user. Soon the option will be updated for all Facebook users. This option will be beneficial for all those users who don’t have access to the network during traveling to new places.

Just like any other feature of Facebook, this feature can also be accessed by simply going to ‘More’ Tab in a mobile Facebook app. Once you locate the Find Wi-Fi tab, you just need to turn it on.

Afterwards, Facebook will display a map showing the closest hotspots with the detail of the businesses providing them. The app will also tell you how long it will take you to reach there.


This feature will not only provides easy access to Facebook but also increase the number of Facebook users. Find WiFi feature can prove a master stroke for Facebook where people will have Facebook accounts not only to be socially active but also to have easy access to the internet.

This is not the first feature introduced by Facebook this year. Earlier this year the company had launched a new feature called TOWN HALL which makes people find and connect with Facebook’s elected officials.

These features have proved quite handy for the company in the manner that it helped in crossing its user numbers to over 2 billion. The company, however, does not stop there and is planning new features to revolutionize this social site for its users. The new feature will prove quite benevolent for those users who often face issues while finding Wi-Fi in remote locations.



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