Home Apps Enjoy Virtual Reality On Social Media Like Never Before – Facebook Live Now Supports 4K Stream For 360 Degree Video
Enjoy Virtual Reality On Social Media Like Never Before – Facebook Live Now Supports 4K Stream For 360 Degree Video

Enjoy Virtual Reality On Social Media Like Never Before – Facebook Live Now Supports 4K Stream For 360 Degree Video


Connecting with others on social media has a new edge now that Facebook, the legendary social media tycoon supports 4K streams for 360° videos. This may not be news for some who do not understand the essence of 360° videos and their immersive ability to engage the viewers. However, Facebook has scaled the user experience to its best.

360° Videos With 4K Streaming – What You Need To Know Before Getting Started

Facebook offers support to view 360° videos posted on its pages. Look for “Watch in VR” icon in Facebook app or web to view 360° videos. You can watch this live 360° video stream at 4K resolution. What this means to you is excellent clarity to details and extended immersive capabilities. You can add spatial audio effects or highlighters to explain viewers. As of today, you can view these videos using Facebook app on Samsung mobiles or web. However, the viewing is not yet available for Oculus Rift as Facebook is yet to offer support for UHD resolution.

Prerequisites – Yes, You Need Them For The Virtual Reality Ride

Enjoying the virtual reality is possible with certain prerequisites. What you need is

  • Mobile phone with an attachment with capability to capture 360° videos like Giroptic IO, ION360 U, Insta360 or standalone cameras like Nokia OZO, Orah 4i, or Z CAM S1
  • High-speed internet connection capable to upload or stream 4K live 360° video
  • Facebook account of course

In addition, you may require a few software suits to create 360° videos. Live 360 Ready by Facebook is available through a collaborative program to certify third-party software and hardware products. Any Live 360 Ready product like cameras or mobile phone attachment is capable of creating a high-quality 360° video suitable for 4K streaming.

Highlights – What’s Under The Hood?

The commercial aspect involved in integrating 360° videos on your Facebook page opens numerous avenues. Primarily, these videos have tremendous capacity to engage the audience. Further, Facebook offers possibility of adding donate button. However, as of now, only 501(c)(3) charities in the United States can use Facebook to raise funds. In spite, the new capabilities certainly can make your page more engaging and improve viewer’s lingering time.

You can upload a 360° video on any page. These videos come with the view count. Facebook further provides heatmaps and video insights to understand the audience.

A 360° video must comprise MP4 file type, up to 1.75GB file size, not more than 30 minutes duration, maximum 4096×2048 or 4K resolution, 2:1 aspect ratio, up to 60 FPS frame rate, yuv420p pixel format, monoscopic depth, equirectangular projection format, 128 kbps MP3 or AAC audio, and optional spatial audio. Facebook offers extensive support for integration of spatial audio through 360 Spatial Workstation.

Big tech company like Facebook has taken over the conventional playground of smaller specialized streaming providers for streaming Live 360° videos. This advancement has a lot more to offer especially with the extended support to individual publisher and viewers as well. Definitely, this platform has incredible potential for entertaining, educating, and engaging the audience along with the commercial aspect. Get set to thrill with 4K stream for 360-degree video. Virtual reality was never so frictionless.


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