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Echo,  Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa

Echo, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa


Alexa was one of the great innovations of the past Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Since then, everyone is talking about it, but what exactly is it and what is it for? We tell you everything you need to know about the Amazon Virtual Assistant.

In short, Alexa is the latest tech from Amazon, the online sales giant. It is an artificial intelligence system similar to Cortana (Microsoft), Siri (Apple) or “Ok Google”, but Amazon Alexa goes a little further. If you have used any of these assistants, you surely know how they work and their possibilities. But if you haven’t, we explain about them in briefly. These virtual assistants interact with you in such a way that you can, for example, put an alarm or appointment in your phonebook, make a call to one of your contacts or play a song.

In this way, Amazon goes one step further in its commitment to artificial intelligence by having a physical presence, like it is an object in itself. Alexa is a kind of cylindrical speaker called Echo and you can put it anywhere in your house to listen to your orders.

Amazon has made the platform available to developers who want to include this type of system in their applications.

But how does it work? Think for a moment how different a phrase sounds according to the nationality of whoever says it or the language. If you sometimes find it difficult to understand a person speaking your own language, simply because your accent is different or the type of words you use, imagine what it can cost a machine to understand a language that is not natural to her. For this reason, Alexa performs a deep learning through the recognition of natural language, memorizes all the information and learns from it to be able to interpret it.

In addition to this wizard speaker, Alexa will become the co-pilot of some cars of the American brand Ford. Can you imagine that when you are driving, you can only have a co-pilot that indicates alternative routes, put the song or radio station you want or tell you how to get to your destination without having to use your hands to program the GPS? With this technology it is possible and you will only need to give it an order out loud. As if it was the Fantastic Car!

In addition to the automotive sector, Alexa is present in smartphones like the Huawei Mate 9 and will be in washing machine brand Whirlpool.

Say hello to Amazon Alexa!


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