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Don’t let your iPhone Freeze- Use Popsicle iPhone case

Don’t let your iPhone Freeze- Use Popsicle iPhone case


Is it snowing in your city? Keeping yourself warm, this winter, is not the only thing, you need to worry about. Your Smartphone doesn’t like the cold either. IPhones, and mobile devices, are powered by lithium ion batteries that start to degrade, at sub- zero temperatures. You’re walking along, chatting to your bff, and – then your phone dies. Your battery is full, what is going on? Is it a subzero day? Your battery has probably stopped functioning.


What does this mean? For your phone? You rush to a power source, and plug in your phone. Still nothing? You start to get anxious. What is going on? Well, if it’s icy outside – the kind of conditions that literally freeze water molecules together – your battery will stop working. No power. No phone. Your phone will shut down, straight away. It won’t come back on, no matter how many times you press the power button. It needs some TLC before it becomes operational again.

Temperature Sensitive

Generally, mobile devices are designed to work optimally between 0 and 30 C. Too hot, and you’re phone may shut off. Ditto the cold. Scientific testing on all models, and batteries, show similar results. If your phone goes below it shuts down immediately. Less than 10 below, and heading to arctic temperatures, like 30 below, and there is a chance, if you have a cheaper type battery, that your phone will be permanently damaged. R.I.P. In the fine print, for Apple, and other devices, you will see that there are listings for temperature, which the phones can function in. (Between 32 and 95F) they’re smart devices, but, they are, temperature sensitive.

Never Heat your iPopsicle

Hope is not lost. The battery will start working again as soon as it warms up. It needs to get back into safe operating temperature zone. Never, ever, heat your phone up – this is dangerous – and will ruin the electronics. Never place your phone on a radiator, warm it up on a water bottle, your microwave beanbag, or, and direct source of heat! Moisture will form, on the circuit boards, inside your device. Water and electrics are not good buddies. Never expose your device to heat sources.

Gradual Defrosting Only

Your device needs to warm up, slowly, and reach the ambient temperature that is optimal for performance. What can you do? You need to go into a warmer place! Go inside your home. That beautiful snowman, your daughter just made, will have to be photographed from the window. Once your battery, and phone, warms up enough, the power will come back on. You will be able to reboot.  Put your phone in your pocket, or close to your body heat, but never, try to warm up your device, directly. Exposure to icy cold temperatures, will also, over time, affect your phones ability to regulate its temperature. (University of Ontario)

Thin Metal Jacket – Does your phone need a hoody?

Some of the latest iPhone models have sleek, metal cases. They are stylish and beautiful, but, metal is a great conductor. What does this mean? Well, touch something like a metal handrail on a cold day, and you will feel how cold it is. Metal also gets hotter. Does your phone need its own beanie? Scarf, jacket, hoody top? If you’re venturing out, into sub-zero temperatures, it may be a great idea to think about a phone case that will help insulate your phone, keeping it from freezing up!

Just like you, exposure to the cold, is not good for your devices. The good news is that most phones will return to normal operating mode, once they’ve had a chance to warm up. Remember never to, as tempting as it may be, expose your device to direct heat. Condensation will form inside its circuitry and this can result in a malfunction.


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