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Detailed review of Alcatel Idol 4s

Detailed review of Alcatel Idol 4s


Alcatel’s flagship phone, the Idol 4s comes in both android and Windows 10 version. Those who want to buy a new Windows 1o-powered premium phone might want to seriously consider Idol 4s because, let’s admit it, there aren’t enough premium Windows 10 phones out there and Idol 4s has a lot going for it.

But what about android users?

No doubt, android fans have several options when it comes to premium phones. However, Alcatel Idol 4s offers one thing that no other phone in this price range—or even those priced ten to twenty percent higher—offer, and that’s a funky VR headset.

Whether you are a Window 10 or android user, Alcatel Idol 4s is an option you should consider, especially if you want VR, and you are shopping for a new phone. The Window version looks and feels almost the same as the Android. There is one major and two minor differences between the two.

Unlike the android version with Micro USB, the Windows version has a Type C port. This major difference apart, the Windows version boast of 1 GB extra RAM and a 21 MP rear camera compared to 16 MP camera in the android version.

Let’s check out how the Alcatel Idol 4s performs on certain key parameters.


Thin curved edges, gold-tinted metal trim, and smooth glass surface give the phone a sleek and premium look. The phone is indeed surprisingly good looking, but there’s one flaw in its design. It is not so easy to use with one hand, nor is there any one-handed mode in the settings menu.

Screen & Media

The 5.5 inch AMOLED display is drop-dead gorgeous and seriously sharp. The Quad HD resolution ensures you get very detailed images, videos, and photos that are lively and vibrant.

The phone has great viewing angles, and if you set the brightness to maximum, you can even check your business emails while sunbathing on a beach.

One extremely impressive feature is the two front speakers, which not only offer good sound quality but can also effortlessly pump out powerful audio – a rarity of sorts in built-in mobile phone speakers.

High-end Specs

Apart from the two unique features, the rest is pretty much what you expect to find in a premium phone. The first unique feature is the camera shutter button. You can easily press it with your free or phone hand to open the camera or activate the shutter in case the camera is already open.

The second unique and not-so-welcoming feature is present only in the Windows version: the USB-C port. Because of this arrangement, the Windows version is not likely to work with majority of charging stands.

The phone’s CPU, while not the most advanced, is competent enough. It will be able to handle pretty much whatever you throw at it. RAM is 3GB in Android and 4GB in the Windows version, and you get 64GB storage space, expandable up to 256GB of extra space using a microSD card.

VR Headset

The VR headset is the major attraction of this phone. The headset is almost as good as Samsung’s Gear VR, and you can easily use it for extended periods.

Tech Specs

  • Screen size:5-inches
  • OS: Android 6.0/Windows 10
  • Rear Camera:16MP (Android); 21MP (Windows 10)
  • Front camera:8MP
  • Memory: 3GB (Android); 4GB (Windows 10)
  • Processor:Snapdragon 652
  • Storage:32GB + microSD
  • Bonus features:VR headset


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