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Common Reasons iPhone’s May Require Repairs

Common Reasons iPhone’s May Require Repairs


Since the device was first introduced in 2007, iPhone users have always had the ability to fix their computer, personal assistant device and cell phone. With each new mobile version, you are introduced with new features. But the phone is still not indestructible and may require a few repairs to make it new again.

IPhones are manufactured by using advanced technology. It is an outcome of knowledge of millions of people around the world, making it the most widely used smartphone. iPhone users also regard them as important in their lives because they help its users to multi-task. Older models of the iPhone device may need repairs for parts.

iPhone repair experts have revealed common reasons that may need some fixations over the time. This is based on analyzing devices they have repaired so far. They shared this information so that you can act immediately to ensure your device functions perfectly. Below are some common problems that you may face with an iPhone.

Charging and Battery Issues

Older devices still experience difficulties with batteries when they constantly shift out of place, making the phone a nightmare to use or charge. This means your phone is worn out from multiple charging cycles over the years. You can repair or replace the charging system and hold it steadily in one place so it works like before.

Your battery also gets worn out from daily use and irregular way of charging it. It won’t continue to last longer than it used to when it was still new. The only solution for repairs would be replacing the old battery with a new one.

Signal Issues

iPhone are developed to perfectly function with the internet to achieve maximum exposure of the phone. You need to start preparing yours for repairs if you start experiencing network issues or problems with downloading or using apps. This means your phone is experiencing signal issues and needs repairs urgently.

A cracked screen

Phones falling all the time or we end up sitting on it and badly damaging the screen. The feeling afterward is never good for any user because of the unappealing look. A cracked screen means that the phone may either function or stop functioning depending on the damage.

The phone designers use damage resistant materials in the device. The material used is not indestructible and may require repairs if damaged. If the screen of the phone gets cracked, you will require assistance from professionals to replace it.

Jacks, Ports, and Connectors

Malfunction of these devices usually occurs due to dust and dirt. It might not be visible to the human eye because they are always left exposed with no coverings. The dirt or dust can create a problem when connecting the plug to the ports or connectors causing them to malfunction.

They fail to function when interface such as chargers or headphones are connected to the device. The lightning port can be removed and easily cleaned by experts for easy interface connections.

Loose Buttons

A single loose button on the device can compromise the full functionality of the phone. The buttons naturally get loose from frequent use of the phone. Buttons such as the home, power, and slide tend to loose. Each and every one of them can be easily replaced. Repairing buttons would be a waste as they will eventually get loose again.

Water Damage

Another familiar issue that users usually experience is after accidentally dropping their iPhones in the water or when the phone gets wet. Water and electricity don’t mix, if your phone slips into the bathroom or toilet, just know that you are in trouble.

Water can complicate all the hardware of your phone making it hard to achieve any functionality. Even if your phone does not give you problems immediately, you should be prepared for them. When your phone gets affected by water, it may should be either repaired or replaced.


Every repair related information is available online. It helps you in repairing your iPhone on your own. However, you will still require some tools to help you in doing that. The best option would be visiting any accredited iPhone repair expert. Log on to http://fixyourphone.ca/. The dedicated team of professionals will assist you in fixing repair issues you may be experiencing.


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